Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vintage Number Theory

Vintage Number Theory

Developed further insights in the student's steep learning curve about sequences and series. Told it to sleepy eyed Eric then wrote a poem called Whats Your Number.

rrushius thanks for following me- those blogs you follow are most mysterious and interesting to me (mine are really accidents mostly of first encounters and some samples of foreign languages- I will be in Chicago a week or so in March so we can have the coffee and talk philosophy like we planned some time ago. Will email you.

What's Your Number L. Edgar Otto 02-10-10

Our music together is not perfect
yet it is sweet, as long as our lyrics
Are taken lightly, the tones not too high or deep
words their own haunting mirror ghosts

This seems how it must be as we damper
pluck each others strings at places dissonant
So hard to learn to play the rhythm chords
between the bass and shrill, Love's middle way

Love is as much a cast of dice and divining cards
as focused measure made more real by what we ignore
Somewhere between the workhorse and the unicorns
we live the mystery that Love's numbers match the world

The jukebox in the clubs and honky tonk's move our feet
I miss her like a crackling song, AM radio, highway in the wind

* * *

* * *

Real People, Real God and Irrational People, Imaginary God

So, in this thing called number as an abstract mental construct yet somehow a thing of physicality in the universe we can almost feel them as if hear music- oh it has been known a long time we can hear microwaves in our head and reading them there or putting them there does not prove our inmost thoughts can be ultimately and unwillingly accessed. Yet all this is a matter of how far logic and its proofs are to be related to the mathematics, interpreted at least- finally.

So, I can almost taste the flow of numbers like the perfume on the lady walking by that lingers on my tongue- distracting but then logic is distracting. It also takes a creative mind to understand mathematics as well as a keen and focused one.

I just went through the motions after figuring out how to work the old calculator without an instruction booklet. I was surprised all the sweat and eye strain resulted in some new insights and things to consider in that world still of vague speculations. So I state the following as hints of a new realm of my thinking without proof or clarity as to what would be at the end of a project of thinking about them.

Clearly we can find relations between some numbers which are not necessarily in nearby ordering but behave as these close first position chords.

It is not clear to me at all that the diagonal proof (other than by a vague general principle of logic that they can be Godel and Cohen like decidable) that we can generate more actual numbers than those listed in a sense of a concrete notation of numbers. There is the possibility quasic ideas can prove the continuum hypothesis where it is interpreted to apply. But this is at the heart of the other independent axiom of choice in matters of collections of infinite sets and so on.

What does it matter to an infinite universe is the clean idea of prime generation by factorials is rather beyond our computation?

So somewhere on a number line, logs or not, we see the approximation dances of phi and pi and the golden section. Although these can be relative and even dimensionless transcendentally - they do have a sense of fixed place which we need not say is some coincidence of the design of creation. But let me not forget the square root of two in matters of our finite bandwidth extending to many octaves.

If some of this proves out then we do have an explanation for why numbers and even supernatural senses of numbers apply to our reality, universe- which of course is the underlying theme of the above poem.

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