Tuesday, February 23, 2010

State Of the Vision MMX

There are a lot of "Beautiful Minds" out there in the form of young aspiring scientists. For me I tend to be only impressed at the moment with Ramanijan - that quality I cannot quiet grasp of his genius- of course moderated by Hardy and his proofs- together a more viable approach to science than what we now think we have in the competition of theoretical speculations, especially in cosmology.

The reference frame has a recent article lambasting the ID'ers in terms of the information paradox of black holes. This is of course the subject of my speculation lately. I am a little tired to post my recent notes to myself on it and it would be in a strange form of shorthand. Let me just say that I have gone beyond that current solution to the paradox (that is the one this week in newscientist.com a report from fermi lab as to the holographic nature of the utmost pixels in the internal structure of a black hole where as I have said many times the content of these dimensions two and three quasically correspond. Yet if we think about it from the number theoretic point of view there is a clear mechanism for the black hole like objects, being negative curvature in concept creative, that we can actually store more into such a multiplicity as holon of information- at least in the short run. I will post more on this, for now think of the question where is the soul and what would make it unique- that or stop laying all this metaphysics disguised as science on us laymen.) The newscientist article btw reduces the small end of space to a sort of hologram pixels. Surely this is not the whole picture for we have the fractal ideas too. (the difference really between the two concepts).

The state of the vision (as the next level of science of which I see the development of others asserting questions and problems the quasic view solved for me long ago) is rather sound as surprising as it is. I wish I could convey this too you all but assure you if you search my longtime thoughts it will be worthwhile.

Newscientist has another intriguing article on the doodles cave men did in a pre-alphanumeric age. Clearly as language develops (the speech and the script in a sort of membrane connection like the cyclic model) it is inevitable as is mind an life in a sense and in a certain way that is black hole like creative and a holon, but not a fragmented situation of holograms rather like the Bahai idea of spirit. Words and numbers then store information and memory by these quasic mechanisms.

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