Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Lincoln Logs of Galaxies and Atoms

Well, who decides who is crackpot or not in the gated community of science? What we really have to debate as scientist is what is crackpot and not of the science at hand and not the emotional debate of arrogance or whining overestimated enthusiasm. Anyway, I had some thoughts yesterday 02-08-10 and thought a little more about perspective after a discussion for his new study on blueprint reading with my son Ari on facebook. I wish I could convey to him the beauty I see especially intense lately and that it is worthwhile to learn- or to my other sons for I have wanted to have at least one scientist in the family.

The Lincoln Logs of Galaxies and Atoms

What holds things together (ie matter) is the fact that raw space is a slippery slope (ie Casimir action-reaction issue)

What does it mean if in a more modern analysis of limit, that the singularity can be a ring but that it a sort of quasi-string of some extended distance? Thus we can fold space on itself and center it over some connected region? We perhaps see here4 more evidence or reason that the concept exists of the "galatoms" and "ecotoms" we discussed so long in the philosophychatforum.

Yes, string theory is metaphysical, philosophy as to if we insist on empirical evidence directly. The colliders needed are well beyond our reach and although they can be reasoned not to start a descent into a false vacuum situation so to destroy some region or universe can can accidentally encounter such artificially I imagine in other experiments if we do not understand and command at least the quasic ideas.

The debate with Lincoln on the sciencechatforum was decisively won or at least drawn philosophically as regards to the utility of philosophy at the first challenging him with the Casmir force as related to the dark energy- but we were not educated enough not to belabor the point and the doctor admits it a frontier in need of urgent study.
Of course the machine we did make is exceptionally beautiful in itself though so far from the flux of zero point- in that sense it inspires the human spirit somewhere between the anguish of our nothingness free and in our infinite cost.

But each new small step forward seems to require greater epiphanies. Can the creative universe have no restraints?

* * *

* * *

We Must Learn the Joy of Learning as if Unfolding Slippery Space with Directions that seem Ultimately of our own Bootstrap of Concrete Dreams

Although we in learning recapitulate the world's wisdom in our understanding of things. to do it de novo on our own, the recreation in part of the wheel, we can make the same conclusions and possible mistakes made by the speculations rejecting or affirming an idea- justified or not- as have many innovators in the traditions and obvious trends and steps in discovery have done.

I have, at different times in my life, had more vague but creative juices flowing. I have had periods of clarity of the significance and limitation of mathematical ideas as if coming up each time again head under the water of ignorance. But never as high than now after a very long struggle has my grasp of the beauty of the workings of the cosmos and mathematics - the lack of confidence notwithstanding- than I do today. The ideas have a certain confidence and relevance and I begin to ask new questions, pose my own dilemmas.

Not that long ago pieces of the puzzle were missing in my mind's eye of what I read say in analysis. I do feel much the expert in my own domain and satisfied in its development of its truth and openness to solid intuitions being more aware of them. (Hey slackers, I was there first and independently, not that you matter to me or the world anymore- so put that in your elite hats that from my view limits our research and development of ideas in a free and democratic and sacred world)

Some first guesses. objections of the needed praise for the saints of the sciences as inspiration should be looked at again in view of our new understanding and experiences. at the foundation the first doubts and distrust of complex numbers as angles as a case in point or the distrust of geometric methods over the algebraic where there is logically no real variation of them. The continua involving transcendental, irrational numbers- indeed, the truth of the transfinite itself can make further progress. Time after all can be the meaning of the imaginary and the subjective lateral to the real yet consistently describle quaternions as spin- and Kepler is not totally falsified in his first mysterious cosmological model.

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