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Quasifinite Peculation Diffusion in Dimensional Natural Aleph Models

Quasifinite Peculation Diffusion in Dimensional Natural Aleph Models

L. Edgar Otto    31 July, 2013  23:34:21

The quasic grid as an n-dimensional n-symmetric plane or brane can be imagined as two space. Our concepts of structural conformality can have abstract interpretations, the laying down of principles such as what seems to emerge from information contained if we represent this plane in three space.  The idea of mass or gravity being a relativistic illusion of the angles involved where geometry is non-Euclidean is such an idea that we restrict in terms of what is the continuous or the discrete where these loosely meet between these 1 or 0 extremes as contiguity thus issues of proximity of unified focus and grounding for entanglement over non-locality.

I offer a photograph of a random chunk of glass against the reference grid of a window screen to show variations in how we see the grid broken into its three space connections if reduced again to a 2D photo.  This variation of intrinsic curvature, or of what in the transfinite count is such a difference is what makes the usual methods of analogy to fluids and so on fit what we accept or perceive in natural physics.  We generalize the intrinsic curvature as force that covers a wider landscape of what is possible in cosmology for a natural philosophy (physics of the corpuscular discrete or wave like continuity). 

Thus we organize our world quasifinitely by a better definition of dimensions, by n finite object content, and the ideas of general continuum transfinite theory (that is the DNA notation).  Does this not suggest the issues of a multiverse and our stances toward it?  Does it not beg for questions of depth of assumptions as to the so called fine tuning of a unified universe?  Surely, this makes things a little clearer despite the complexity of which we know seems the choice of nature.

In these models we surely have wider and corresponding connections of depth between general theories which we accept or not as we do higher dimensions, superstrings, surreal numbers, p-adics, higher modular numbers and so on...

If we imagine some power of ten in the 500's as points of singularity where continuity may be erected upon continuity as division intelligibly is restricted by contiguous hierarchies of numbers...can we not say a diffuse grid of them contained at that value would be a p-adic map of the string landscape?

Proximity of positions diffuse and transitive over a grid or landscape, quasi-independent of congruency and definite measures, Archemedian in the meshing, shows that Nature can restrict intelligibly the properties applied as if numbers, that of itself in its working, and beyond the partial concepts of matrix values as described by rotations or exponentiation and simple ways of apply the ideas of differentiation to some physical asymptotic limits or horizons, suggests that nature can have weights of privilege in its expressed properties.  This would suggest that in the small ranges over the infinite the universe itself is stable while the rare possibility can exist that at some time or place its unity can unravel into more general principles than in our time and place we so specify.

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The question of why the universe exists rather than not, that it achieves the widest possible complexity in the design and in our imaginations, that it exists more as quasi-finite thus everlasting rather than eternal, remains ultimately the issue of quasi-proof astronomically for or against in the fine tuning idea we encounter in science as well as philosophy. In the sense of our desire or wonder to so ask this question as our understand evolves, we part of this design as a quasi-creative and quasi-finite universe we ask of our unique experiences as well of the uniqueness of the universe.

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In the photo of the smoke and rings, distinct particulates, we could have moving tori... and we can still ask why of hot fusion containment such structures in the quantum like logic of advanced development of its postulates between existence and shadows, what is the ground for plasma pinching?  Perhaps we need a wider idea of chaos and turbulence as well as what their is, or at least to connect it to our quantum grounding.

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