Saturday, September 28, 2013

Functional Phrenoneurology Model of the Human Mind

Functional Phrenoneurology Model of the Human Mind
(New Constellations in Creative Philosophy and Science)

L. Edgar Otto   Sept. 28, 2013

On this page I intend to post the analogy to the physics of universes and particle models to the structures of the human mind...  It relates issues of the discrete and continuous and the symmetry of the unanswered question of why the universe as we experience it is three dimensional.  The symmetry of the left and right brain distinction in humans is not quite as distinct as we have mapped or imagined it, but neither is the idea of chirality of particles either.  This is a simple model and occurred to me in dialog with Dave Chako on Google Plus on Quantum Gravity's page... which starts with issues of Euclidean dimensions and Platonic solids.

I revisited the idea of electrons in protons, or neutrons in the nucleus as part of the count with the electrons of the atom sell structure.   Such models do correspond but not always in the same general or complete ways- and as we are mentally structured similarly- or if argued that is a reflection of our structure that can interpret and filter our intelligibly what we find in wider known and unknown nature, an atom is a potential simplified snapshot of our mind-brains.  While there has been some progress in neuroscience, the neuron idea is not the deepest picture and the old regional phrenology is not totally abandoned in the spirit of it for we do indeed have functional regions.  I would like to see some questions answered by the fMRI as it applies to the dolphin brain which I imagine would shed light also on other physical systems of chirality.

More to come -  and David, this might be a better place to continue our dialog or supplement it. or what you may suggest.

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