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Loop Emergence and Reductionism (God-Particle Social Gravity)

Loop Emergence and Reductionism  
(God-Particle Social Gravity)

L. Edgar Otto   20 September, 2013

The scientific mind, as well one of extreme mythology, may bid us take a stance to analysis of our environs such that we may crave simplicity rather than take the effort as if a fine gourmet to mix ingredients in a feast of diversity thru our books of recipes of information and meaning - or we may just consume in influential belief the illusions of mystery by which we are as much substantial in our grounding as but creatures of our own illusions.  To live fully is to be aware and seek the depth and span of every moment despite if the world is complex and overwhelming, or in acetic self-denial we accept with pride the trials of want for the promise of the shadow left us and enduring of better worlds to come.

Reductionism, while a powerful principle, can break things down to a simple alphabet of information. Atoms while trivial variations of the same theme can lose the subtle qualities of differences of use and meaning and even hide some effects of the physical as not felt or not seen, so not real in influences on a system as complex as body and mind.

All the flavors and spirits, but additives reduced to alcohol that mimic the natural bouquets of tasting wine.  A small change in core stances to the world may but mimic the natural diverse -thus butterfly effect by claims of who founded the culture or music in the chosen unique state or monotheism that in the totality binds the whole and isolates it into reduced sensitivity to such qualities of wider meaning, and wider science, that hidden in a higher social gravity as a point of creative light or wall of the limits of knowing and this outside all but the conflicts of push and pull in social gravity. So too in the utmost points of vanishing the mystic view that asserts in the self introspective system, all things are interconnected.

Nature's spice as well our tinkering alchemy of chemical additives may be toxic or healing so confine them by faith or law as if superstitions may determine how they actually influence our interactions and consequences with the world.  Or spice and herbal tea make make hallucinations of our thoughts that resonate to emanating broken sources of some then assumed creative whole- one far from the monotheism into broken many gods, such as that inevitable metaphor of a "God-particle" where in the old physics it stands firm with direct if not all observations of the standard model.  We seek such a parallel fine tuning of our theories as well experiments in the world firm up to the umbrella that fulfills in mystery a personification of the ultimate meaning as the fading rumor of stories, if not renewed in the rebellion of generations makes a fading rumor of old stories leaving but a mysterious empty whole.

Is this perhaps the parable of the fire in the woods that saved the villages of the pale...  The music is universal and there before such claims as to what is the American culture and its heritage.  Let us not keep any people into the mind set of slavery nor the extremes of fundamentalist religions in a world where if speech is free and wide enough we may life up to the ideals of equal justice and religious freedom. Let us nevertheless throw out the money changers of ideals out of the temple of human progress... be they right or left of broken wings.

* * * * * Quantum Relativity (1929 to Present Day):

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A comment for the blogspot The Splintered Mind:

Very interesting post.  As speculative fiction... I wonder if it could be expanded into a wider book...

So Feynman came down out of the mountaintop and carved his stick figures on tablets of stones... then someone pointed out  Three quarks of of one in many of the Godhead...

As the prime proton fell thru the mirror of good and evil in balance that everything outside the standard theory could not be proven and nameless as unseen. Not even if the final ground were the elf light blinking in a falling undulating sea where the crystal particle of God broke again into multiplicity.

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I get the impression that no one understand the depth of this concept.

1. There is a third way to see physics, not just quantum or relativistic (thus quasic field theory).
2. The content of shells is the same as that of planes, in particular a plane is conceived as roughly what we feel are Branes.  These can be stacked or superimposed.
3. In familiar space of six dimensions this can be broken into two three dimensions and so on if we imagine the higher dimensional "volumes" as a quasi-finite measure,,, not an Escher drawing illusion of water flowing up and down hill.
4. In the axiom of four space two planes may intersect into a point.
5. Statistical treatment and Deterministic models meet in dynamic regions on the quasic brane.
6. Real physics depends not only on symmetry but asymmetry in unified equations.
7. In these higher relations of simple geometry and arithmetic we have initiations and terminations.
8. In a wider emergent freedom two objects in equilibrium to each other may not be in equilibrium to a third but a flow of probabilities may cycle between them, as with temperature in zeroth law.
9. The information, as a absolute measure, in a factored boundary is equal to the region it contains.  But this is not absolutely holographic but is also a fractal self similarity evolving.
10. The idea of groups, enumerated thus trivial explanation, as not well defined like the terms information and meaning, can be interrelated more generally over a range of interrelated dimensions.
11. The universe (indistinguishable from multiverse) "views" dimensions as we do in the physical geometry of it including dark mirrors and does not always match the views we place on her.

Net down yesterday (sync, I think) but I was going to try to post this on facebook science and mathematics page in reply to its reply and update on the Amplitudihedron.


Was this not the Hammed whom you had extensive comment dialog on the nature of TGD?  I did not exchange with him direct talk but I did post several things between your conversation.  The quasic notation of course is about a positive diagram method and a more general concept of regions involving singularity.

I saw the slides and did not think these were so deep but I agree this direction is little understood by the complaints of overly cautious physicists in comments and the impact is vastly underestimated.

By chance I first heard of it thru Lubos who had an interesting response... to your ideas perhaps as not so out of the mainstream after all...humorous.  But why do you want to go back to analyze how TGD fits in when part of the theory  seems based on your and other arithmetical geometry bloggers as the long standing source?

My Quasic view makes other philosophical stances critical to a wider generalization that is a new physics all documented in my blog and not proposed in papers on or off line.  The dynamic action of the boundary or of the area can be of different senses which is a force or which a falling.

The problem is how we better define the idea of dimensions and groups to which not only are we limited by the old quantum terminology and complicated formuli but by the range of standard theory and even string theory limited in its reduction methods of geometry- scattering angles are just one way to interpret deeper things that amount to ideas of complex analysis including octonions.  We can see this in partial theories where they invole 8 natural dimensions, the Monster groups and all that.

It is also not to be assumed in his theory that this involves a sort of emergence- nor a specific origin in cosmology or particle physics.  That is but half the view.  We see this in the realization that the Big Bang alternative may not exist as such or the expanding universe is but an illusion (better the lack of understanding the symmetry of the idea of prime uniqueness and the use of e^n notations.

It is critical that we understand, as you maintain and see in further depth of TGD the role of cyclic groups and continuum power sets of two... half infinity or more is the issue so to speak that complexity is as well as arises and moves in the positive direction of time as a probability asymmetric average.

The PeSla
Next Day - a comment on TGDdiary blogspot to Matti on the recent ideas of Hammed...

and this remark for Lubos post today for Matti:

At last Lubos has a posting on this idea of a structure (which I have also stated as beyond twistor theory or a generalization of it) which is reasonable and sensible.

Welcome, well depending on where the winds of spin shifts, to our revolution our humble correspondent.

Maybe if you applied this to some form of string theory you just might add to a significant vision that surpasses the quantum theory after all in its scope...

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  From dialog with Kris in notes on facebook: 12.- No theory that does not allow for explanation of particle generations over a range of generalized interacting dimensions and groups can be anything but conceptually trivial. The quasic grid or brane does this for all bases, in this perceived monoverse anyway.
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