Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Architecture of the Soul

New Architecture of the Soul

L. Edgar Otto    Sept. 21. 2013  (comments to Science and Mathematics on facebook):

Does this sound any more speculative than what is happening at the current event horizon of theoretical physics?

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This is an interesting direction too.  string views can certainly be an interpretation but such an idea of dual holography needs to be generalized further between interrelated dimension as in an assumed shell level with a center where there is in effect a hierarchy of black hole vacua objects- which by the way may be there as an embedded superholographic unified structure (the so called jewels within jewels and so on, and some description where hyperdimensional matter may exist... the looping view is also part of the descriptions (gravity seen as independent and of course spherical models of the Casmir (ie dark matter) effects to which in the general measure we can tweak or fine tune where such particles may deviate in the superconductivity.  If we make the metaphor of the mind as to have a soul... in the abstract vacua the structure is there but it is unclear if we can show it may contain something or be receptively empty.  I am not stating this as science... it will be interesting to connect this to the idea of something deeper than coma in brain dead situations, that is the expected physical reasons.  In all directions the new physics accelerates in discoveries.

This strikes me as dystopian ignorance of the depth of our minds with natural but seemingly mysitical principles of any of natures deeper compliments.  Perhaps, the tinkering of one mind in isolation could have vast consequences of change in a  clock free world... or one may awaken that brings such enlightenment to others of the same kind- just like the in dependent discovery of non-Euclidean geometry or the classification of crystal groups said to sprout like violets.

The mind seems to be a superconductive, superdimensional, supersymmetric, supercomputer at least, and at room temperature. In a sense where collective effects apply we are advanced supercolliders.

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