Friday, September 13, 2013

The Philosophic Implications of Loop Quantum Gravity

The Philosophic Implications of Loop Quantum Gravity

L. Edgar Otto   September 13, 2013

This work in progress will be added to in the days to come... it seeks foundations from the three ideas of continuity as Newton defined it,  consecutive, contiguous, continuous while looking at the assumptions in regard to physics from the alternate view of the role of arithmetic and geometry as general principles of philosophy, that is the core ideas of Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Logic as relevant if not unified systems.

*1  It is not clear that the only general case for an axiom system of arithmetic is the assertion there is zero and its successors.    

*2  This addresses the idea of normalcy of digits and their frequency and sums.  While a transcendental number can be defined as that not expressed as an algebra, in the expression of such numbers in the physical universe could allow something structurally and dynamically in between.

*3  It is not clear that a string or sequence results in a unity over a range of so many generations for the initiating cell of a 4 base (quasic) grid may shift and shift dynamically with predictability in its apparent or real randomness.  But such a unity may describe intelligible loops that describe gauge, force, and field.

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September 14, 2013

*4  When there is unity of field looping over some normalcy sequence or series, over binary number patterns of the loop extent to dynamically decode or encode other sequences we have Universal Turing Machine patterns.

*5  A given transcendental sequence, such a pi, may combine with the same or similar sequences so as to form a wider frequency of encoded digits that may represent every possible ones when we take the product  to a power in this abstract dimensional sequencing,  The natural log base should also consider this aspect of a wider field of power dimensions.

*6 Due to the unique nature of (prime) factoring but not clearly determined totally by the primacy of a number in itself as the sequence shifts discretely within or outside open ended intervals we observe a fractal or p-adic like rise and fall over the harmonics of the expanding curve of differences of digits and sums of digits.

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September 15, 2013

Dark Bottom Down Representations of Quasic Tablecloth Fractal Steronometric Superdecay in the Super Teleomniverse

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