Monday, September 2, 2013

The Biggest Mistake of My Career (Proton Mass and the Top Quark as a Complimentary Symmetry Particle to the Higgs as a Dynamic Dark Portal)

The Biggest Mistake of My Career
(Proton Mass and the Top Quark as a 
Complimentary Symmetry Particle to the Higgs as a Dynamic Dark Portal)

L. Edgar Otto   02 September, 2013

It is perhaps not in the scientific spirit to express feelings informally as passion for the frontier of technology and science.  My first reaction to the suggestion I could no longer post on the scienceandphilosophy chat forum, that I really should have a blog resulted in my abandonment of that forum for what blogs were I understood to be a marginalization of content not worthy of the established journals and institutions of science.  Yet, has that not been the case for any new media, radio, television, the internet that at the beginning promises are made and expected that it will inspire the young and make education accelerated and accessible to all.  Something that feels right but periodically fails even in a program of clear agendas.

The spring of the new physics influenced by the social media has resulted in a hopeless loop of civil war between the theory community a virtual but moral equivalent of religious war.  The system has less tolerance for moderate compromise, for some nor for "us" are said against us.

But do we not need passion, not so much to protect our turf against weapons of mass consumption as if the world's end in certain doom is the ultimate prophesy- or that as Einstein suggested once weapons are invented it is inevitable they will be used?  What we need passion for in the business of science is to uplift our civilization beyond its narrow present concerns.  We may be naive to imagine that if a human being could understand and so be inspired much of the less noble passions would be abandoned freely and compassionately for all who cling peacefully to their ways of belief and life - given a chance the mainstream on the whole shows the rewards for all who can see the better paths and natural desire awakened in the risky but benevolant universe.

There is intermediate work to be done as we explore various models that some have dedicated their lives to as best they can to fill in the missing ideas if their science is adaptable.  This direction may give us unexpected and correct new ideas as well as useful and careful technologies.

In the end we should strive to judge our own art over the whims of others- if in such matters we know, and know on what level of the comprehension or concepts are right as well as insist against mass fact telling us they are wrong. But in this intuitive cloud of reasoning if it can from the vagueness become crystallized, we can make fundamental and original mistakes... a measure of how rare they are is perhaps a better measure of what is genius or crack-pottery or which in consensus seems right.

When the top quark was discovered long ago I considered it evidence of a mistake of my intuition where in the informal numerology I thought there could be no more than five, symmetry senses aside.  Well, the gifted Einstein was said to be in a futile search for unity after his first revelations and his self evaluation (now ignored and pursued as a fact) held the cosmological constant a mistake.  I myself not finding the things I called quasic points in the universe, a distinction from the uniformity of galaxies almost abandoned my pursuit of science against the fact no such entities could I find in the library so I enlisted, for the nation, and hopes to learn a practical skill such as radar, both following my father's footsteps.

Now I see on the snarxiv blog the idea of the 5 light quarks by someone in good standing.  After all I reasoned why throw away the fifth and greater levels of acceleration save for the fact these ghosts of departed quantities did not contribute to what is physical... thus invisible with nothing to gain for our cliche as a philosophic axiom that "time is the fourth dimension"  Even the young Riemann said as much but knew a lot of things he did not say or explore, he left for new theorists.

So, geometrically, we can make connections from the number patterns up to and beyond echos in five space.  The other numbers would follow in theory, such as the Triality of threes and other time like or ghost like dynamic portals in the count of particles even within the same level or theory model.  But make no mistake, I do not believe we can put the physics beyond it into simple integer ratios (although to get around this apparent paradox may require new ideas on numbers, even on the idea of complex number systems).

What seems to come out and appear of my writings from my subjective view does not always match what is within - a subjective time thing I suppose.  Of my stages of aging I simply do not like what I see in the mirror, not that it matters once you arrive to some level of a shining star - one that has come so close yet failed this generation around to reach and understand our collective life's possibilities and goals.  That is the dedication and sacrifice science promises and extracts from us, the wide see of isolated and failed stars.  For I do paste onto the universe as I ask as a younger soul when do things begin, how do we work it out, and when and if they end... this classical triune pattern where in fact or dreams we age or stay young- a nine-fold thing really in a wider sea, thus my Alpha, Mu, and Omega Omnium periods.

I say some work comes to an end but it rarely does.  With that in mind I will try to promise to conclude my comments here (hard to access it from the so called "smart phones")  So if anyone desired to continue comments, corrections or dialog please use my  I hope that from here as from the popular and formal science news some of you continue to share with me your breakthroughs on the frontiers.

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