Friday, September 6, 2013

Quasifinite Cosmic and Other String-like Objects

Quasifinite Cosmic and Other String-like Objects

L. Edgar Otto     06 September, 2013


The discrete flow of point in a frozen plane that cannot be observed between continuous spaces, but can be assumed as animation influences of hidden symmetries, sets the possibility of drawing from a higher space on this canvass of quasifinite shapes by binary powers of absolute values that sum to unity as flatland harmonics corresponding to the description of complex number spaces of indefinite quasifinite scales and extent but not necessarily one interpretation of what is the real, or imaginary (or negative) axial labels of  distance.


A discrete point assumed to have a binary value of 1 or 0 as in the trivial case of quantum computation is ambiguous or a combination in this discrete flow or particles or currents that is the ground brane for higher dimensional phenomena where 1 or 0 are *, or a wild card that also can lay the grounding for dark complimentary mirroring with local diversity over an indefinite extent.


Between these 6x6 doubled dimensional manifolds the potential for the persistence of quanta exists outside the absolute definition of time up to the given natural three or four space.  This persistence also allows for the coming in and out of existences of quantum objects as well the net asymmetry of time direction that material objects resonate, may decay where they have sub-parts and paths, or within a context of some generational extent level and energetic regions of the quasifinite universe reach predictable points of random spontaneous creation or disturbances in the quasicontinuum.

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I made this comment today thru facebook:

This is interesting consider the link with Alzheimer's on chromosome 21 where 50% of those with downs syndrome develop the plaques earlier.  This needs the insights of new physics beyond the standard model in that just as twins may develop differently the doubled chromosomes and which are dominate in the symmetric developmental paths is evidence of such higher physics hidden yet influential.

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