Thursday, September 5, 2013

Informal Journal of Quasic Physics

Informal Journal of Quasic Physics

L. Edgar Otto  September 5, 2013

What is the point of trying to explain things that so very fundamentally even the educated so called experts have not evolved to understand... Some have not even evolved to improvisation competence in their expertise that is in a cloak of ever growing  not even crackpottery (although from this vision for those of you who are now or will be capable of seeing it) "our humble servant" to use Putin's term, Lubos, is transcending beyond his worship of his own race that seems to have inherited the living philosophy of the Third Reich and the stealth playing all sides to hedge bets of civil wars in the flesh and in the market place of ideas.

I expected that educated people could at least see things better at the foundations- how naive, guess there are lesser functionally and intelligent people in the world.  Those who want to control your psyche and soul or those who say there is not soul (to lift a line from the movie about Kite flying in Afghanistan.) OK, maybe everyone thinks we are to be one sort of face in the nameless crowd to worship the dictators right or left, or maybe we are just a bundle of nerves (notice the four dots of the Neurology lecture in Madison neatly forms a swastika... to treat this a science such that in a lecture there we can by brain scans try to distinguish that subtle difference of how the brain looks when is lies or is telling the truth (or what it thinks is the truth, or what it things dear Lubos is a way to tell by some sort of  Freudian psychology how good a physics is by what one believes on some level who btw do not just parrot the party line of the day.  This is how you know them preaches this secular rabbi of physics who cannot see or resents the Arabs are successful like Jews on steroids.  What good is trying to find truth by water boarding when some souls as ancient as Egypt wants to worship the sun as the one and only god, an idea by the Pharaoh who moved further south into the desert to relieve his water on the brain?

Of course, the undergraduates are but pathetic college football players to the drama on this level of concern.  It needs not be written in stone that where there is no vision the people perish, as well where there is no parish the people find vision... All you quantum tomcat physicists don't know what they are doing when they try to upstage the leaders of the past - all men, I mean which of you so many in the great books are men and so many of them Jewish... That leaves all the ladies really with less chance of pay and tenure while you promote them as crazy quantum cat ladies...

Anyway, I have had enough of the virtual world, its unreal money, its wars, its greed, and so I will totally be off the internet awhile including the god awful smart phones made too complicated for us to master the technology before it breaks down or the meaning makes so many obsolete.  Transconsciousness (structural truth and fact, dynamics of memory and so on...) is more than our petty models of our mind and what such media may or may not do or allow in the development of our young.  Sort out your own lies then...maybe you can learn something from your own neuronetworks... maybe you can be happy in a world where our technologies only work so well if we design them with a little lesser physics and a few safety factors as if we did not know observation changes things.

One last tech thing--- yes I saw the article Leo, not think about it, if there is no one great ylem or hole as such how do the galaxies themselves find a center of the universe to so align?  It is perhaps a contradiction to which our ideas of multiverse, raspberry or ultranscontinuum part company or goes off into each its own necessary directions...  But I did understand what you see in the well a few others while they are still evolving in their visions... this sort of science and speculation goes way above those who have no experienced such acts of creation, and it seems to be evolving just in time our social world is again at the risk of crumbling.

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