Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TOE Theories Of Yiddish Physics

TOE Theories Of Yiddish Physics

L. Edgar Otto     Sept. 24, 2013

Thoughts on my mind posted to TGDdiary blogspot so I reposted here-


That was a helpful and informative reply as to your take on the current debates on physics.

I hate to bring it up but Lubos has a guest on his blob today by Andreas Karch which seems to be written well presenting his stance on holography and so on...  I like his understanding of what is called Toy Models as in your concluding interpretation of "spontaneous compactification" as philosophically reductionist physics.

I am conflicted with soul searching as to these Theories Of (TOE) Yiddish Physics that sustains the old order of things fine tuning the theoretical terrain against any possibility of factual alternative systems...   Einstein was Wrong!  Economics is not harder than physics it is physics, and gives the substance of meaning to the prevailing myths of our time as if a quasi religion or inflation idea that rules the world by the mathematical model of compound interest that eventually justifies the elimination of anything higher or spiritual.  We are victims of this cultural war which in the LHC is centered in Europe at this time.

If various theoreticians know where the problems may be then why can they not imagine a wider answer after all this time... the slow molasses like tar drop experiment has what to do exactly with Higgs and other Strong mass and all that? Is this simplest model more instructive than our colliders?  Or is it just living on the surface of our simple physics familiar in our life scales and time?

The sad thing is that even with these unanswered questions the live and breathe as if they are right and feel others a threat or potential one so defame them as crackpots, even to there own natural allies or poor relatives.

What do you think of this article if you bother to review theory 101?
Maybe its connection to Uni Wisconsin and NPR is an emotional all poetry is about the holocaust victim mentality, all the cats in the Big Bang comedy have Jewish names (as in that episode).  Or that 2% of the songwriters form 80% of what is American culture heritage.  Another fund social and political issues as science from NPR.

Hey I like Barbara Streisand and Dylan's  Bible moral issues down highway 61 -  it was my era and he played like me (like music hundreds of years ago before jazz and swing claimed it) math combinations really.  Except I had no part of the hallucination LSD revolution.

But in our cultural experiences I find it hard to find a common language to discuss the issues objectively- but still work alone not much of a joiner after all.

Nor should we beat each other up in the admiration of the themes of the movie Fight Club.

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