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Chiral Dyslexia and Intelligibility

Chiral Dyslexia and Intelligibility

L. Edgar Otto  October 17, 2013

In this essay I am pondering the role of chirality as in the model of our bilaterally symmetric brains where it seems much an analogy to patterns of things like atoms or the universe from certain centered models.  This comes from seeing comments more than reading the papers on the various media to which it has been a help to me in trying to make clearer the ideas.  After all this blog is called Creative Science and Philosophy, a title taken off the top of my head as the key illustration on dark matter issues and so on which feels to me like it becomes more and more part of the evolving solutions.

Part of this is subjective, that is the recent article that testing what is subjective time influences by the question the perception in older people of their chronological age to report... but no effect in the young. what the article does not address is this mirror effect in the young to which they enact their perceptions.  One should hardly conclude certain psychological ideas as possible promises to a science of the mind to casually say this may have bearing on certain mental diseases but these are vague in a spectrum anyway and the article concerned our relation to music. I bookmarked and will document later at the end of this essay.

In the analogical stance, as long as it is true as is said of geometric analogy. I made the casual comment that the universe itself seems to be dyslexic and chiral issues would be good exercises for our mind if that is a problem more than the rate of vibrations in our perception,  But this direction is still a work in progress and the wider issue of how our emotions actually are involved.

By the way I am here using the close term intelligible as that required in electronic circuit design to  balance the loss of sensitivity between the left and right ears to find a balance between the higher and lower frequencies and a few bumps in between.  The differences in ageing and sensitivity is a qualitative leap.

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Quantum cats in black and white or the symmetry breaking in an abstract crystal field photo

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A comment to Phil and Sabine on fb concering this article :  (other relevant comments to other people come later)

Boring article... what if neutrinos are Majorana and not at the same time (or other such particles)... such an idea would be creative and could account for something entirely new that does not depend on previous speculations... the matter anti-matter difference will be explained on a deeper level... in the meantime we find other expensive big experimental machines trapped in the presumed history of former speculations... one such is the idea that all things are connected and nothing creative can be there in isolation...something can be isolated, such as an idea, yet intimate to the workings of the whole should it vanish...a chip along these lines does not design itself as humans would, and it has not clocks.  Is this not the local and non-local issue... to understand this is to predict what in our theories and experiments will be useful information, as in Bell.  But this is not to say absolute chance or necessity as a concept, in predictions as determination, are not part of the bigger picture or half the half glass as a total picture.  The creative partner of pragmatism is its embedding into the nonnecessary universe with exceptions paradoxically but logically not forbidden.

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So Lubos has some interesting takes on  "Shut Up and Calculate"  posted just after mine... Yea, the issue was settled in 1927 and for quantum relativity too... and we have made no progress since then and are cranks to even consider it...  I agree it may or may not be just a matter of popularity-  Feynman was a creative soul "not afraid to call an idiot an idiot", idiot.   Bizinga!

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  From time to time over my presence on blogspot I have made some comments to the U-Duality blogspot.
These in themselves have gradually evolved as I understood the ideas and terminology better.  So I got a  reply to a comment I posted  (I probably saved it somewhere in my informal way since more than once in any commenting my access to internet system is intermittent these days...)...  But I have found the page on that site  not existing...  I am not sure why, hope it was nothing I said or the informal way I said it at the frontier of ideas so I post it here for future reference.  By the way that blog has a bookstore of which at the last entries there is a collection of them relating to quantum gravity.  I think I linked to this blog as it was mentioned by Kea's blog in a thanks to him for his help to her in some theories.

Thanks for the reply.

The expression and possibilities of information (perhaps considered beyond group theory as we know it) is the open question.  But why does the universe privilege as we do what is considered real or imaginary.  If in entering the higher level of complex numbers as octonions (here we find difficulties and have to convert into Cartesian representations and back and back again if we try to use addition itself as notation.)  Euler's identity and all that... but frequency of sines add to since if the same, that is superimposition which we find the real value.  This is electromagnetics 101- so you must mean a higher form of electromagnetism or its analogs.

The universe, information-wise is intelligible... holographic ideas are not foundational for the information on a surface is identical to that in the volume in the adjacent dimensions.  What happens at the mirror surface of such a conceptual link between these mathematical dualities?  The same sorts of arguments apply to ideas of supersymmetry also.

The problem is how we combine he discrete and continuous... that in an infinity there can be a cycle of but one.  A quasifinite universe is that real range of contiguous things in between.

Our formulas also should be a little more relaxed and general as to what we mean by even and odd dimensions with 0 or 2 centers for a sea of matrices has many eigen diagonals, some perpendicular to the usual ones... projective a fractal sense of scale to which we need to better understand he nature of particle generations and the surface as thermodynamic to which we find idea of gravity and magnetism.  and so on...

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I posted this comment on viXra org blog:

Sexual analogies ring a bell close to our hearts that despite the vagueness most people seem to understand. Why? Imagine an individual is an n-dimensional bilaterally symmetric complex geometry limited by the properties of math at the octonions. What happens if two lucky souls are superimposed to mixed groups? Especially if in a weightless attractive environs. But what a new geometry outside oneself to explore, rationally as Greek science and mystically with a sense of beauty.

The light from inside the jack-o-lantern carved with our happy faces may not keep Nature there very well, no matter how permanent our markers or tattoos we try to solve on the surface- Plato’s cave and all that or some mythic lovers long to be one again. Or how we may say hidden in our psyches some Freudian slip that makes the interpretation of our lonely dreams described by Lamb-glands, Vive l’difference as we share wisdom and beauty in the Maths and hold to a dream that She is our universe and everything.

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This was for a short film and book review.    In the illustration Omnium  I am considering an address reserved for a top level domain(s) of the newer endings... I also using paint did some experiments with the type with filimbration...  the Omnium as a web between the point singularity and multiplicity thus projected as quasi-finite between unity and complexity as multiplicity.
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The first physics, classical to modern   (Qlassical, Ql) as observation goes beyond the event horizons into higher uncertainties....  Toward the superdupper Omnium,worlds of diffuse fields and clues of focused grids including dark matter-energy quasi-observable mechanisms.  Do we who dare break thru that atmosphere between the music and the spheres of Omnia see but copies of ourselves or others as our eyes infer in the emptiness that we touch a cave wall we too are as solid as the cave in our echos of blindness?

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