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Universal Gravitational Up and Neutron Lifetimes

Universal Gravitational Up and Neutron Lifetimes

L. Edgar Otto   03 October, 2013

From this so called hypothesis of leaking neutrons in a container, contaminated by nano-size particles as to it relates to their lifetimes could simply indicate the 3+1 formalism where the fourth direction is a directed universal sense of up toward gravity as a rather independent idea of what the forces are... this goes to still higher dimensions as well how we view mass as that from which the Higgs-like field imparts universally.  But would the super cool neutrons behave any better in magnetic bottles?

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comments to science and mathematics previously on facebook:  How do we explain the difference between the strength of pole, or that particles become more massive if occupying a smaller space that in relation to particle and field we may estimate the energy and mass range to search for them.

L. Edgar Otto Maybe the misconception there has to be a wall at the end of the universe is not so wrong in our intuitions after all. We also have a relative up and down in space in our minds. But this result seems limited to our local galaxy... could there be something between galaxies... perhaps not just a center or axis unexpectedly in a diffuse universe but a plane or brane, intrinsically flatland... and why after all do we see a sort of up and down or difference in the poles of the WMAP data ?

L. Edgar Otto Where else can such things point given ultimate freedom to do so? Earth bound our steeples point upward to heaven... but if we built them on a thousand earths they would also point toward each other...

It will be quite embarrassing all around if the explanation is this simple... worse to give us an inflated by educated theory.

Lubos had a great review on the Nexus 10...  (Politically he is no Mark Lavine in the right wing view of our American constitutional issues- counter iconoclasm with a clear purpose!  but he is back into the unity of string theories again as recently suggested by the founders of it...and calling others uneducated crackpots.  As a comment there suggests, and Lubos never understood when I said it, chirality is everything on this sort of mathematical level...  I agree there is more interconnections even if we cannot really pin down the mass differences and so on... but Lubos why hint at things still not proven or implied if you do not contribute the how of it originally from your apparent mis-education?

But just like the debate as to if in superposition and merging of memory the psychologists suggest and set this  in the brains of their patients who think they have abuse child memories and many personalities... we should go beyond is if we are to call a serious theory science.   (even Einstein soundly understood the universal language of music so to organize the brain and support the integrity of our white matter.")  If the shrinks can make the sensible among us depressed then their jobs and drug kick backs are more secure.

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Nice page and comments with good historical links...  I would have thought we were further away from Feynman's early method and that much further away from these amplitude visions - for the simple fact they are missing a deeper level of complimentary of loops where we cannot really distinguish squares or square roots of two and some intersection of particles... nor simply treat these as imaginary mathematics...  I liked the idea that a photon was in a sense two gluons (but there are deeper things than the gluon idea) and ideas of scale needs to be generalized further in its ambiguity.  I  read it as a Kleins bottle can be made from two Moebius strips.  This is probably why we imagine darkness phenomena as an idea.  Peter, the Hall effect and so on is at the frontier...the same way... I will read your paper on this and get back to you.  In any case the author of this article does seem to understand the problem in depth so someone is thinking soundly.  I will stop referring to my quasic plane as a brane but informally... for that it the direction i think everyone is drawn to... it is more arithmetical and has to include the issues of the finite... but I am not sure how well it simplifies things that are needed in our actual collider experiments..

on fb page linked to this article: a guest post

 and this sensible paper which from my view shows how mathematics fits when implied intelligibly to physical phenomena or rather why it does... it is a step higher toward the goal of a more unified physics than so called perturbation theory alone...     he connects the dots in a simpler model involving quantum impedances.

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An artistic sketch and compact word poem on volumes and angles... by L. Edgar Otto quasi-formal.
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I had a casual thought today listing to the author of A Mind on Fire on Wisconsin Public Radio, as this area of auto-immune type diseases on my mind lately in people I met this summer.   The Vagus or wandering nerve of which I included in some poems or comments to others on my dreamikins.blogspot of poems and lyrics,   we do not directly feel pain from the internal organs as say in a heart attack... but the physical brain tissue itself does not feel pain...but what of the idea of a mirror of the body in the mind as to if  it feels pain or not in its gut? I mean, I am amazed I can see say the sunlight in dreams... but I cannot say I have ever felt pain in dreams... now, that was my interesting thought, pain in dreams... I understand, if not allowed to undermine the brain, seizures can be caused by a physical, that is chemical condition of certain things in the synapses to which neurology and the author says there is hope in the neurology of it all as opposed to crude assumptions of mental illness.  That and lack of folic acid passed down to grand kids over the genome, and the idea that multiple personalities may be a shrinks suggesting of simultaneous memories so among the false diseases... yet certainly the chromosomes individually have the capacity to center the personality that may seem like repression and so on, certainly merging them distinguishes us from the chimps.  In the case of alsheimers she mention saying fortunate to have a neurologist in in the psyche ward for she had the few days of hallucinations, psychosis then catatonic to test her so to find it was a physical thing even though was in the epillepsy part of the institution.  He asked her to draw a clock,, she did as circles persist but found as in with such patients all twelve of the hour numbers were on half the dial... I saw this effect also in the series of DeKoonings paintings of woman at the Tate Gallery...  Again, the right left difference has something to do with things even if partly as well the up and down, that is the integrity of the white matter.

L. Edgar Otto    04 October, 2013

The universe cannot be described only by
its cyclic bouts of epilepsy or mystery of memory

Nor without feeling all, the sum total, the Omnium
be more than a phantom aura beyond the flickering light

Induced into epiphanies of perception or
catatonic coma to stop short circuits, blowing the fuse

You who said there was not a theory of everything yet
imposed your chains of virtual totalities on others
have come late to the game in your one room old school

Perhaps you do not believe in magic or moral law above
but have you not seen the variegated universe within you?

* * *

Some hold a central place, only the higher angles to face
what beyond it is but half Adam's face beholding God

Or in the numbers game, grinding lens or making potions
tinkering with nature's sea-foam taffy steel simple machines

So cleaver that in the end philosophers can build the lever
that can lift the world, measure Earth by our axioms and runes

Or that gated cathedral space ship an endless array to which
all paths in the endless beach and plane yellow brick roads
we come home, time walk outside a canvass of our visions

The peach that was the embryo of your soul sorting errors
fetal dreams of birth to come then more beyond night terrors

* * *

Arise! my child of Earth, the fall persists, the grays, the nothingness,
colors greater than Aurora's sources in our sky

Blinded by our own light or walls against the stars, doubt our worth
so choose if our world ends in a flood or fires

The rim of your volcano sleeps beside me multiple fits, starts
my once fire cracker then gets to the how to find the why

That we lose ourselves in the drinking, probing the Big Bang
drakes and damsels together for a season in groups to hang
migrate to the depth of stars enticing us with their wares

Can the thinkers find themselves deep toward nature's womb,
can also blind fainting fem fatal rolling eyes find otherwise?

* * * * *

Here is another view of the cobe wmap data for the depth into the omnium where I let the social gravity colors bleed into the zones or regions of gray... this next illustration suggests all the things many have tried to see in the data as well the depth dimensions here... theories may from the grounding plane-brane-grid develop in many directions quasi-locally... and in an imagined higher background we may invert all colors as if to exchange directions in the black and white of it thus a dynamic general direction of time.  I have elsewhere named the regions (that from our view is a center of uniqueness at a distance in space and time).

synchronicity!  after trying many times to post things on this due to slow connections I checked newscientist com today and found the article  Did Planck Pop the Big Bang... which led to this previous ns link... but in that article I am not suggesting the overall effect is a distant separate multiverse as this quasifinite model with a quasic brain plane grid axis shows expected results where manyverse and multiverse are ultimately the same conceptual principle...

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