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Isomnium Dark Isotopal Symmetry Principle

Isomnium Dark Isotopal Symmetry Principle

L. Edgar Otto    14 October, 2013

A Super-standard Quantum-Relativity Aethereal Speculation (10:29:03 AM)  isotope + omnium

In a dark matter (quasi-independent dark energy) atom the conservation of balance with finer differences between the dark proton and neutrons,  the values are variable in differences in the same dimensional generation span... this is akin to the idea in light matter of mass-energy differences between resonances of Higgs-like entities.

But in the more general dark-light matter principles the idea of supersymmetry is more a quasifinite in matters of locality and non-locality which can be imagined in the fabric of space and time, diverging and converging, equally thermodynamically directional thus intimate to the quasic physics of multi-dimesionless hologaphic-fractal multi-views of black holes...

Where math meets physics at a scientific level of inquiry at the next level of still vague philosophic continua frontiers of theory and physicality.

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Leo Vuyk looked at the 34 magic number isotope stability issue and rapidly sent me this great reply  Oct.15th .

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I add this illustration as art, a suggestive more than formal look at some simple numbers and notations- it is just a doodle but sometimes in such play we stumble on the profound... anyway I was not thinking about anything else no media or net on after a refreshing walk to the convenience store at night in the rain.

The black board- white board without the fumes of the markers:  some numbers presented without the steps of checks with the calculator to remind me of some interesting directions.

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Now, if I just can find that comment on the quality of PhD's and my critique of the plasma project at the University of Wisconsin, Madison I saw this afternoon on pbs...  then this science daily article

Synchronicity kicks in, and as if in controlled magnetic lines where the surface of sun can be hotter than parts inside...  

  • Lisa  I'd say the quality of the Ph.D's.
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  • L. Edgar Otto You could be right, I just saw a project on plasma at the flagship university here (on pbs)... expensive and I wonder what it is trying to do (make a sun) yet at best it is a Jupiter of sorts as a small gain or source of radiation than say from the sun... But that is not the architecture of the sun and not a deep way to try for fusion... I mean are they hoping something does not shoot out but will try it anyway? Now, it seems there are undergrads to be inspired to continue on perhaps work with this project. Odd thing is I imagine a way that we could do it (that or in principle every star flares up eventually)... the quality of the PhD's are not keeping up with what is known, and the use rare earth permanent magnets... while more and more students (not that engineering is a needed and desired degree these days - many foreign students seem to go thru this in the name of diversity I suppose... But where are our citizens who are not there when equal opportunity should be for all people not just the social view that claims to be science... where are those who had the abilities... we are exporting ignorance as well ... gone the days when someone could earn a PhD the old fashioned way... contributing original and fundamental knowledge?
* * * This comment made to philosophychatforum on facebook:
L. Edgar Otto It is not that we debate nothingness as philosophic time or vibrations in some Higgs-like physical plane as quantum mystical... but that the universe can vanish despite the pull of infinite potential possibilities - the fear of death if we do not realize the sensible world as both finite and infinite in real or imaginary tiime... and that limits we impose on ourselves and others in matters of science or philosophy is a reaction so we have to think about it to that which will not heed nor buy our narrow theories of everything. In higher dimensions, higher than neurology or this shell of an aware naked self, there is room for structures we might call a soul... but we cannot show if it is empty or full... not if we are aware we are real or illusion as a many layered mental whole. God has this problem if that mystery projects an image or we to the universe or Deity in that we may conceive Heaven as also material and Personal.

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