Thursday, October 10, 2013

Physicality of Intrinsic Linearity in Superconductive Stereometries

Physicality of Intrinsic Linearity in
Superconductive Stereometries

L. Edgar Otto     10 October, 2013

In the maximal bonding of carbon, linearly, between atoms with 2+2 or 3+1 bonds, we should pose the question:  In what respects can it relate to superconductivity?

This I imagine intimately relates to the issues of artificial magnetism induced in graphene that considers the Bose condensates by virtue of holes in broken congruence field overlapping flat orthogonal structures that depends on the local (quasic) proximity of isotopes in the Bell assumptions of non-locality, thus thermodynamic symmetries.

In the principles of symmetry breaking, or conservation in the widest field of identities at a given dimension,  our models should be compared as to the grounding of matter with these more general principles of stereometry in mind.

In disconnects between with bridges between the generations and fundamental forces, we may have even higher exclusions such as magnetism where the combinations of generational hierarchies inter-relate across the given physical dimensions of standard forces.  But in matters of gravity or monopoles as ultimate these higher force considerations my analogously be ultimate exclusions to which we cannot explain by magnetism the evaporation of black holes even if that the last mechanism left to model.

This so mirrored implies at an entity of singularity or a sea of singularities, that which is superdetermined so looped and measured intelligibly as part of the teleology, dark matter and energy ideas, if substance in theory as well as physicality, as an analogy of the Fermi and Bose distinction at a higher level, are reasonably explained.

If this is not close or the Omnium as a theory of everything in the spirit of partial models half seen or half-hearted in our quest... what more can it be?

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For a future project-
art adapted from recent Hubble data on Pluto... note a small circle at the top of a larger circle is one of the symbols for this planetary object. Generational spinning taken literally with 8 logical possibilities.

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New terminology to consider in the hierarchy of Philosophic Continua  (Omnia):

Leo V.  This one I mentioned for your view...

L. Edgar Otto on fb status  Oct.10 :
I found a scrabble tile on the sidewalk today with the letter 'S' on it. I can turn it up and down or lazy horizontal... but I can turn it over as it has two sides. But if we were not sure it was mirrored on the other side which way would it be turned? Can all the abstract physics be this simple for those of us who for some reason (geeks, seekers?) think about such basic things? I mean, one or two sides the same thing or some group in between? What are the chances of tossing one like a die. What is quantum mechanics but that episode of the Twilight Zone where a guy buys a newspaper tosses in a coin that stands on edge all day and he can hear thoughts in other minds?

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Leo, am I wrong to reach so far into simplicity as well as a distant wider vision... it seems at the foundations we do dance between the simple geometry and the simple arithmetic of things.  We share in your model that in between sate I call quasi-finite and you imagine the raspberry principles of unity and multiplicity of universe?

In the quasic physics integers (not just from an intuitionist's view as they are in a sense classes) have elemental matrices of separated singularities... the issue (Leo see the scientific american with the conference in Vienna and the idea of superdeterminism deeper than quantum theory recently)  interview with 't Hooft sees the issues and the problem... except the quasic principle, a quasi discreteness as if a dimensionless possibility of scaleless superposition is suggested as a priori thus ideas of inflation for example are optional.   In the last illustration here we an also draw the four group down... it revolves around the observation that 24 25 26 27 28 where a square  is close to a cube... 26 in between... that is the level where the Pythagorean theorem is flatland.  Imagine  we can walk on the surface of the earth to reach the surface of the moon or any other sphere to which we may do so in the atomic world as if fluid layers and what we mirror or count in them.  Then ask is there or is there not ultimately something in between?  The extra count of singularities is like what is missing the the momentum of particle decay products... in the positive sense these are ghostly inferred neutrinos for example.


The great beauty in math for me, the fun stuff beyond the calculus that gets us back to the fertile soil of physical reality, was the grueling hopefully without errors thru long pages of eye straining hours with the faith to find connections then find one. It is most gratifying to do something someone said could not be done like solve the queens problem with no queen in a corner and it turns out to be overlooked before then. I am not much of a fan of doing puzzles of the kind that just passes time save that one piece can determine the whole or the last piece with a hole in the context can sometimes determine the piece- especially if the shapes are the same and we supply the needed difference. The Platonic solids were my great inspiration for my interest in math. Caught between teachers who did not agree with each other was instructive , for it turns out that Nature is a little dyslexic herself, not just how we turn and see the matrices around. In a sense the mathematical world and the physical world are both separate and one as a matter of taste- most controversies today are a misuse and dependence on the span and depth of statistics only when some things are facts to be discovered. Sooner or later despite proofs the most abstract of math finds it applications. While we are only limited by our imaginations anything we can imagine we can invent or discover, make and do in the physical world. It takes time too, the poet in me longs for more that I can seek the more, but the philosopher in me asks if there is more beyond our imaginations. Between the paper and the pen now falls the dark energy shadows to end a paper or presentation as today's epilogue as authors do in their last chapters so to inspire new students- and yes, lend them a hand. Not all things have to vanish into the cloud.   L. Edgar Otto  responding to link on math


  1. "In the maximal bonding of carbon, linearly, between atoms with 2+2 or 3+1 bonds..." Tell us the molecular orbital difference between (-C#C-)_n and (=C=C=)_n. Polycarbyne synthesis via acetylene oxidative coupling is no biggie on paper. What surprises await you when doing it?

    Your et sequens word salad is a physics cold compost heap. For following polymer solubility, anthracene monomer should have a tail or two of -O-(CH_2)_nCH3, or poly(ethylene oxide), or poly(propylene oxide) oligomers. Spontaneous lyotropic liquid crystal ordering for Green chemistry filament spinning suggests -O-(PPO-PEO block oligomer) starting material. Bill Little at Stanford[1], then[2]: Replace phonons (characterized by Debye temperature) with excitons possessing characteristic energies around 2 eV or 23,000 K. Exciton-mediated electron pairing suggests superconductor critical temperatures exceeding 300°K even under weak coupling conditions - a robust, processable room temperature organic superconductor. But Wait! We now have olefin metathesis via Schrock and Grubbs (Nobel Laureates/Chemistry) and ADMET living polymerization[3]!

    [ArH; ArCHO; ArCH(OH)-(C=O)Ar; O=C(Ar)-(Ar)C=O]; Tebbe methyleneation[4] to H_2C=C(Ar)-(Ar)C=CH_2]; ADMET to [=C(Ar)-(Ar)C=]_n with ethylene extrusion (fast kinetics!), that being Little's organic excitonic supercon. To criticize is to volunteer,
    Pi-stacked surface, polyacetylene core; Little's high temp excitonic supercon after hole or electron doping.

    [1] Phys. Rev. 134, A1416 (1964); Phys. Rev. B 13 4766 (1976)
    [4] Julia (S), Peterson (Si), Nysted (Zn), Tebbe (Ti), Petasis (Ti), Takeda (Ti), Takai (Ti,Zn) methyleneations, Current Organic Synthesis 2(2) 231 (2005)

    Saepe errans, numquam dubitans. Ignorance is not a form of knowing things.

    1. About all I can agree with of what I can understand despite organic chemical notation is a very wide universal language- as I do not know what they teach in school. But from your list of interests and activities( I imagine California will soon be ten years behind the rest of the country where once it was ten years ahead.) is your last line "Ignorance is not a form of knowing things" which tells me you think chemistry can be understood by a simplistic but wordy application of quantum mechanics only. Feynmann and the Bell curve is the old fading wisdom in this sense and it has locked in the tangents as history for new scientists who stand on a quasi-religious or openly mystical belief. Lies, damn Lies, and Statistics.

      Sure, your interest in chirality and gravity shows me you understand the need to clarify the problem... but how do you explain that in the mirrors of organic complex molecules the energy is different? This is physics, but I have not met chemists who ever understood what I say or pretend to evade the question - or answer say if there can be an actual seventh carbon atom in a benzene ring in some more abstract manner in notations worked out decades ago. Especially anything that hints of an algorithm where the DNA and analogs are intrinsically encoded.

      Evidently, for every Fermi type half brain there is a Bose like double brain condensate... and a unified theory would admit both and their relationship.

      Now, I will check out the documentation links as apparently you either did not or disagreed with fundamentally. Such links which I did not include in the context and copy to google+ are easy to trace as to what is my own or others alternative physicists (with credentials) the principles link to.

      I would rather you dazzle me with glossa since it has more Greek language content which has wider roots than Latin. If any such word salad is to be superconductive and self sustaining, and have real understanding of mass and measure, why can it not be hot rather than cold or room temperature?
      While cold fusion, the chemists in Minnesota agreed was possible, why cannot they not control it as hot in a chain of super asymptopicly free neutrons?

      As far as the Nobel Laureates/Chemistry social name drop I am not pleased with the prize today for chemistry on two grounds. If the goal of a thinker is just the chasing gold, the intrusive art of money-changers, the invasive species that forbids other species to invade so protect their turf it is not noble or moral to abandon one's roots... the brain drain from Israel is as bad for both nations as it was for Britain and the United States. The holocaust victim mentality has lost its capital and is a burden on the aspirations of new generations in the faith, In the temple schools instead of inspiring them it dishonors the higher genius of Einstein.

      methyleneation was mentioned in the carbon nano link so to explore the properties and you know its role in higher genome inheritance (of which we were there at the creation in Marshfield clinic circa 95) and if this is a 3+1 quantum trinity what happens to the fourth dimension?

      Let's get with it - if you are entertained by science fiction. Assimov with his psychohistory at our galaxies core should have its spiral mirror. If in the New York fanzine lensgrinder (Spinoza) cartoon sitcom shallow comic book tradition let us make the hoover boards, the photon tangles as if mass light sabers, or the strong webs needed to play the role of Spiderman... perhaps, to bring new things such as food, energy, or new worlds, out of the quantum darkness.

      * * * * Spameth Thee, Ameth Thee ?

  2. Those were excellent links in the range of phenomena they cover ( except I could not call up the last one. But we have a lot to do with such things in our exploration of the 120 chemical elements in our space. Thank you, for awhile I imagined you not to be a very good teacher.

  3. Hehe. your web page as Uncle Al is quite entertaining and odd that we share some of the same views... What a contrast of indiscernables (as in Liebniz) saying similar things yet different as in the chirality. But I see you have made many posts on Backreaction blogspot. Beyond this chaotic time of speculation where old forgotten theories are presented to us as new.. better days shall come.

  4. "how do you explain that in the mirrors of organic complex molecules the energy is different?" Each of a pair of shoes fit a left foot or a right foot with different energies. A few undergrads, a lab with two calorimeters, two palmfuls of tiny pale yellow single crystals, 24 hours. Physics could be terrifically wrong for a footnote, again: Christmas 1956 versus New Year's Day 1957, via Yang and Lee.

    A pair of shoes is a pair of non-superposable mirror images.
    Achiral molecule in a forced chiral lattice, right-shoe shown. Left and right shoes melt to identical socks at 95°C.
    The chiral background: Left foot, null, right foot, null, at 6 hour intervals. Local 0600, 1200, 1800, and 2400 hrs are the sweet spots.
    Measure the enthalpies of fusion of a fresh enantiomorphic pair of benzil single crystals in paired calorimeters every 30 minutes for 24 hours. A differential scanning calorimeter is 0.1% precise, 40X the needed sensitivity. A DSC sample typically masses 18 mg. The calorimeters' sample slots are aligned geographic north-south and snugged (locality).

    The vacuum itself should have a trace chiral background toward fermionic matter, hence a geometric Eotvos experiment. The rotor sits in ultra-hard vacuum and detects its own atoms' thermal jiggling as noise. Non-volatile pairs of shoes are indicated. The Earth rotates on its axis (inertial acceleration) as it falls around the sun (gravitational acceleration). If left and right shoes have divergent inertial and gravitational masses, they fall along divergent paths. The rotor rotates back and forth an atom's width over time. The mirror is one leg of a very long, nulled optical interferometer. If the rotor moves the mirror moves, photons leak into a single photon detector, and a physics founding postulate has fallen.

    Quartz alpha-polymorph, left shoe shown. The complete structure is a double helix, both with the same screw sense.
    Glycine gamma-polymorph, left shoe shown.
    The two loaded experiments. Trivial to do. Physics won't do it. Cowards.
    It isn't about words. It is about observed facts. Engineering is meaningful. Philosophy is excuses ensconced in froufrou verbiage.

    1. Great links but it will take me awhile to cover... word, the world created by rhea...or word, all that logos means... both part at least of the metaphysical picture.... that is a most interesting idea for an experiment. Yes, there are a lot of sacred geometer's on on the web and they fight over such metaphysical issues... a chief one being the role of the golden ratio or no particular quadratic standing out in nature. But the numeroligist left in me will fancy that the mass there described is the square of the golden section... and that is a number, a little imperfect projected into three space, that is essential in four space... for I think of crystal lattices first as inversions and not just surfaces in particular carbon is to me not just a tetrahedral structure but the 4D symplex. (why are there only 15 microwave vibrations? is this not a matter of logic?) I think your reply to me, superimposed answers or suggests an answer beyond divergence...that the world is also fundamentally asymmetric. It is of course a mistake in my view not to see chemistry and physics as part of the bigger picture. There is beauty deeper than the random generation of noise.

      I thought we could make a circle or chain code of the codons that would include all of them, the 64,,, and see what happens. One property would be that at any encounter to one of them the circle can be oriented in a plane like a compass... now, we can read it in both directions, the socks set in one direction. But after reading some of the structures we know, like the RNA and so on, I realized nature in the ideal has done this experiment for us... is it not a clue that in artificial nano structures they exhibit the same sort of four fold structures? It is nice to find the explicit magic bullets that let us understand how chemicals in our bodies can recognize each other... but there are deeper questions, the recognition perhaps at a distance, such as maybe tissue from say a hog may in the hidden spaces cause cancer with only field connections. Peace.

  5. Leo, I find synchronicity the strangest thing, something not explained either by science nor our ideas on things like we roughly explain as extra-sensory or somehow superdetermined to see beyond the sea of space and time. So again I take up an issue, chirality and nuclear symmetries and so on, and as if I conjured it into the shared body of knowing (even that it takes time from where I sit in the now for others to publish their long experimental and theoretical research... so I read of the issues of the magic number 34 (or not) and you I find have considered these issues (if that paper was really there I missed it, sort of like knowing I win a small lotto ticket it seems the numbers not there until I scratch them off) But in any case you understood me and contributed to the depth of the problem. Then again maybe we just react and see a little further into what is a given in a more unified theory of reality to which a measure of successful science and scientists with their growing partial models of which I see yours as among the frontier and highest contributions.