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Thoughts posted on facebook waiting all day for son to pick up his cat Quantum

Thoughts posted on facebook waiting all day for son to pick up his cat Quantum:  (eyes sore, this a sample)

L.Edgar Otto    October 8, 2013   tv down, ad hoc hot spot running rather well...

some notes to myself here for reference...

Hans, the linked article suggests an answer... which amounts to asking if there is a superfreewill by reversing the imagined processes as if in effect an underlying conservation law of a higher abstraction.  From this view matter despite the separation from some point set at an origin is continuous.  Do we not feel constrained that in the main we are not preordained in the present and can determine the future... only on the more foundational levels can we imagine quantum information ultimately influencing the past.  In this abstraction the theories are as restrained as the experiments and correspond in the counts, measures, and what may unfold in that hidden.  The hard version is that reality is radically nonnecessary in that it paradoxically does not forbid some paths and systems to be necessary and from existential beginnings as well.  That we do not see such correlations is in fact they are everywhere to the point it is hard to make them visible as with any directed particle that depends on such a pseudo- teleology of prediction.

To Hans on Sabine

Sergio, due recent reading on Sabine H.  Superdeterminism I made the mistake of confusing the fuzzy information on my bald head and toes so synchronously conjured you into existence (all of you, fossils, alternate histories and a little paradox wider past the present.  I apologize for not giving you (before you read this- that is when you understand) hidden variables to counter the robotic mechanical reactions.  I myself am a  pragmatic existentialist.  Paul, recall Yeats poem where the roebuck paints an image of God as himself...If I conjured Sergio who conjured me?  Thank the great unknown chupacabra not forbidden to exist quantumly nor be philosophy more than science rationally and empiracly.  For we meet here through the glimpse of Jenny's qm cat and her left over violet glow we all are caught in the 9 and 1 life of superduperdetermined dark matter.   You know what happens to old goats :-)

The fact in a finite discrete collection we cannot distinguish the inside and outside is akin to a higher concept of apparent uncertainty when we move thru continuous Bell conserved space of which we rationally can see a couple of dimensions more than the natural limitations of our physical experiments.

L. Edgar Otto As you see, and as reported in the article, the free will determinism problems of randomness and QM with its deterministic processes and equations, at least existentially, carries over to a wider encompassing of these intelligible paradoxes- but to where? how far? How deep into the idea mentioned of Planck minimums?...the intelligibly of geometry and arithmetic supply the grounding structures you ask for, Hans and your views in general are enhanced as you mention them on viXra org... sadly our various theories do not seem to clearly be seen by the others... but I would give t'Hooft the Nobel Prize. Me, no prizes exist for those who are not part of the academic system that is a conspiracy of sorts needed against the chaos. As free will and determinism is the acid test of philosophy it evidently is the test of a scientific theory too.

Steve and Hans, technically the question of origins is a good one but for me it is a given and a key principle... such an initial condition (as well as where points in a dynamic system have terminations) starts with a singularity in a sea of singularities if that matters as a manyworld question- it is more fundamental regardless of the styles of possible geometries of curvature at that level.  We have a key direction or bias thru linear time of which a pseudo- or real teleology would be the mirror of retocausality, real or virtual.  Where else can singularities go? a general superdeterminism on the macro sale would freely be well grounded as the deeper description of gravity of the Loop variety by dynamic... hyperbolic models may describe cosmic steady states also to which to distinguish, create, and embed lesser ideas of manifolds such as the statistically internal 6D Yang models I view as under constraints of locality and partial pixels needed to covey the totality of numbers  (see Penrose on quantanglement) to go beyond non-locality.  I guess prizes are given for the hint of a theory after all so there are so many done and to do- a lot of work for theorists who now, as in the DNA matrices can feel at home with information exchanged as useful.

L. Edgar Otto Never ever said I was... if you mean a BS degree is like High School in my day I only made middle school but that was the high school of my Daddy's dad (of which he earned 6 figures as field engineer for RCA the military does train some people in useful things). You should read my notes on Einstein's brain. and wow I am quite impressed with your ESL method by the cartoons... I looked you up because I did not recognize the name and I know most everyone here and in Chippewa. BTW I was offered to teach at Brown in 95 but wife did not want to move to Rhode Island. They let her into the uwec and I became a stay at home father... and that is worth more than a million dollars and a PhD per child. How about a guest all Korean team called "The Jews of the Far East"... teach your students to think for themselves, that is a wide world to face with credit card debt after student loan debt.   (a lively debate on indian logos on John's fb of which there was more... not posted here on the issues of diversity and racism half humorous... but it seemed to turn out for the best...  I am not particular fond of false liberals).

Arun Gupta If "nature conspires" so that closed time-like loops do not produce contradictions then maybe superdeterminism is a natural outcome of that?
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L. Edgar Otto Hans, your treatment of symmetries shows we can relate these things to groups and matrices for orthogons and so on in a positive geometric way, exhaustively... so to enter Dirac and Majorana notations in the arithmetic (including if we apply complex number spaces... thus mass and charge relations) Now if we go into the hyperbolic where there are no cyclic polygon analogies we know between the Euclidean and that geometry is a shared square... it is such a square that can serve as an origin in a diffuse space on the microscale which when expanded into a grid of such spaces we can understand the idea of generations into vast dimensions or where they are restrained by more fixed volumes into a few dimensions. Like the inversion of a Feynman diagram horizontal to vertical we have this abstract plane or brane foundational as to which squares mirrored tend toward termination sequences. We do include octonions too and these are not hard to see or draw and may be the limit itself as to why three space is it and so complicated of all the dimensions. This is why our log and exponential notations need to be extended. I call this theory Quasics after the quasars... since 1963 and 1974 revised. It maps a lot of things simply and rapidly... I see some of the patterns within the 8x8 grid generation in your treatment of chirality and the diagonals of the quadrants of 4x4. I should add the principle that at the end of a generation we encounter half the extent of a totality or if we extend to one higher dimension we double the content of the squares and information. I find it amazing that all this simple geometry and puzzle making applies to todays physics as complicated as I thought it was.
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L. Edgar Otto intresting, Arun... but I do not think it can justify cosmic censoring that we do not reach the end of some extreme value like say a big crunch... you have the start of a good idea and natural question to raise the bar by asking so see a little beyond is possible in the intuition of it.

To science and math from on extending Loentz in faster than light models:
Again, as I have been saying on my blogspot... against the views that Lorentz and Einstein if so extended would be wrong. And this would ground the Pauli exclusion idea better but at the half infinite velocity mirrors because simply 2+2 or 2x2 = 4  Dimensions...  Out in these aethers of faster than massive light I get the feeling  things are backwards and bizzaro physicists are  visiting us from the past -  about time - but it takes a little string theory ideas too...then again our perceptions on this could be relative... physics ideas are not the sorrow that once coming to a central city on an endless beach but looking back saying "its not that I leave Far Rock'a'bye but that I will have to leave her again..."  But I claim to just be a poet after all.  BTW it should be clear by now by such new GR and QM considerations that  what we mean by tachyons is far too simplistic.  complex matter particles will be proven not a theory strong enough.

To Brian Green higgs mass math youtube:
Big fleas have little fleas and so on little fleas on them, guess each can can be trapped in a mirror symmetric black box... if it is all about identity elements the symmetry remains but part of the picture we are beginning to out grow or find a higher level again...  You got good response so your popular writings are doing a service for science but I found this beautiful yet not that deep, the fabric of it all and all.  I await a future book that will knock our socks off raise bar for us.

science and math fb again:

L. Edgar Otto I think I saw the movie on this... Of Mice and Men... or was it that Red Dwarf episode where the squeeze bubble patch became a best seller for the Hologram man who stole the idea from Lester at boarding school? What a cute picture... no aggression toward shirnks intended

Facebook frolics to comments on Jesse's shared link
Jesse, who wrote that link on Miley Cyrus... I mean the same guy who promoted Ice Ice Baby as a gansta?  Someone should tell her sometimes a cigar is only a cigar.

the kid covering his ears on your page: Was Wrecking ball playing in the background?

to strasser on sci and math fb:
 lot of this can be conceptually resolved if we imagine the total effect of the small forces over a wide space to the large forces in a compact  place... and to understand for now it is a four way force deal not just unified gravity and electromagnetism... we also need to understand that singularity can be zero or approached to zero... and this is the old Zeno paradox revisited as well not yet symmetric thermodynamic laws... and as your posts pointed out... it is also a matter of what we mean by motion... as in rest and motion for what is still in one dimension may be moving relative to another... besides, that below zero conceputally a null, may seem negative... deeper things in the small amount such higgs give to rest mass as if a null polytope is full or for all practical purposes the vacuum as in the positron idea...

Footnote:  in my system as philosophy, having been immersed in successive concepts beyond the idea of a series of scientific continua, the philosophic ones were   The Omnium, The Plutomnium, and the Teleomnium and issues of superdeterminism are called  Plutomnium... it was a comprehensive vision and a little disconcerting especally tracing certain pathways even in normal life events.. to which teleomnium made things comfortable again...  and yes more things came together beyond this as theory progressed and science came closer to philosophic concerns...  L. O.

next day at midnight or thereabouts:
Finally, a post on the blog   (I thought my phone and puter was acting up with intermittent connections)     On the Higgs and the Nobel Prize:

This can only be a good prize as I would have voted for if I had known about the second guy.. As to the standard theory the LHC shows at the frontier it works both ways, for and against that is… complaints before hand are naturally progressive more than in retrospect on a theory (whatever the physicality of the issue as to what mass and higgs are) it brings the issues to fore at a time when science is on the ground, it needs a kick-start, not a kick to add insult to injury. If as some suggest this is the swan song of particle physics should nothing more be discover-able…what a fine concept to end the long awaited search on. Science, like the one successful mutation in a sea of lethal ones is the expected sacrifice so in that sense no one has squandered their light or wasted their careers. Not to mention one hell of a contraption like the pyramids or anything great ever built but not without cost overruns. Nature in the awakening of the known and new is not ready to conserve or balance her budget yet… But none of you should throw away your cherished ideas… This is a call to celebrate.

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Next Day logging on the inevitable but never expected event and first thing I see in the news:

Mary is right...  I hope his thoughts and manuscripts are cherished and preserved.  He was there for me at a critical time of great loss and as more than poet his visions of others and life that in a way- (How modern a man that his light shows through) - despite the uncertainties of ink and form, (that his universe breaks through the cloaks of this medium) day you will find in the work vital clues to how he thought and loved, for those who wonder about such things and what their roots may be...who we are deep and alive to know ourselves.

Nothing can be said, no comforts for the reality of it, the heart of changes the event will leave in the long shadows... we go through the motions trying to understand at a distance as if his ghost hangs around awhile to cradle us so near.

We so fleeting and mortal...I just wanted to say to you I regarded him as family.


fb status reply to a comment from Erion:

I miss our exchanges  you and galatomic held building up and keeping alive the philosophychatforum in the early days.  As I wrote this status one of your looping diagrams was on my mind... no doubt it came from very ancient wisdom and the heroic stance as a young man such as yourself under the double eagle.  mtbturtle once told me when I got to the math part her eyes glazed over... it is certain I have relied more on simple counting to find patterns... besides, in trying to keep up with all these geniuses what I write makes my eyes glazed over, myself.  Sorry we have not touched base for a long time in Chicago but other things intervene.  All those scantly clad waitresses seemed quite annoyed we ignored them while we debated things on napkins at the restaurant... I owe you a meal and beer, man.    PeSla

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