Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trans-generational Analogs of Higgs Fields In Quasic SUSY Q Theory

Trans-generational Analogs of Higgs Fields In Quasic SUSY Q Theory

L. Edgar Otto  October 29, 2013

Intuitive simplification in cosmology while excessive but replete in potential, by the nonnecessity of human imagination, may ground. Standard theory via quasic trans-generational analogs as supersymmetric Higgs fields defining quantum gravity. SUSY - Q.

I.  The quasic structure describes the particles of the standard theory with that of general cosmological and biological entities...  As Penrose suggested about the QM theory as equivalent descriptions, the idea of an emerging time implies the idea of consciousness as a dynamic influence as creative.

II. Current ideas relating to black holes, equivalence principles, dark matter, and properties of linear or plane lattices of what happens on the nano-scale for magnetism is not only a fractal energy but that of holographic solutions with proper information algorithmic and particle physical structure.  In this formulation the natural ideas of antimatter-matter, hidden or dark (calyptic) matter, and leptons as a fourth level and Higgs as a 17 particle and so on... is the natural SUSYQ idea of symmetry.

III. The contributions of inertia as in the form of mass or gravity obeys this general structure where the measures of the specific cases should be worked out.

IV. In relation to quasifinite momentum of light substance to the dark influence of black holes as a plane of limited extent (as if a disc or complex number field) we suggest the explanation as to why our galaxy oscillated up and down to the disc as well as general objects move in one direction... and that in the totality or Omnium of the Planck map view we may have differences of value in preferred entangled chiral directions
This akin to the solar cycle.

V. May we not expect higher field and particles of the Higgs like variety at least to four or five generations and that the symmetry breaking is not necessarily spontaneous

VI. The general idea is that in the 3+1 formalism the mediators represent the three of four dimensions of an Euclidean orthogon in question.  Complimentarity of such supermirrors exists also up to octonions.  The quasic ordering 00 01 10 11 (in a plane) comes up in matrices and determinant theory

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