Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Quasiomnium (QO)

The Quasiomnium (QO)

L. Edgar Otto     Sunday, 06 October, 2013

Parallel regions may be considered a special case of crystalline patterns in regard to the content of objects in a unit cell or cube and in the region the sense of a directed flow of time or a modulation physical warping of a field as space.  Moreover, the regions may in a sense be diffuse as quasi-contiguous and different evolution's of possible physical states, such as thermodynamic symmetry differences or a strictly algorithmic sequence across the grid, and differences as to random or zero distribution of colors, in adjacent or lower dimensional representations, may act independently from some singularity origin in which their forms of physics arise.

Clearly, the crystalline pattern as a physical ideal, of the quasicontinuum, may induce properties we designate and try to measure in a manner quasi-deterministic, and uncertain as to what we mean by random and levels of provable arithmetic laws where the transfinite infinities are debated or where a finite ordering pattern may predict the ongoing intelligible but more complicated systems in the computation so followed under a general omega like whole.

The illustration of the WMAP data conveys these quasi principles.  That we have in the real world, such as piezoelectric effects, the layers of ball lightning as in Bruce Denning's recent post or in the longstanding interest in Ball Lightening by Leo Vuyk- and my own relating the phenomenon to the crystalline structure of my quasic physics- we may conclude, beyond the soon to be realities we imagine and work toward that they be science, a higher science fiction possible as well as science, that the photogravon idea does relate the unitary field theory on that level in that light and gravity can be intertwined, and each induces the other in some cases.

This relates in the lower dimensions to various sheet effects near the atoms as in the quantum aspects of this Casmir force effect - one that seems to suggest the fantasy or science fiction of manipulating materials perhaps with programs thru them, to in a ball lightning radical move at dimensional right angles or all the properties of layered materials, superconductivity, graphene and so on...the visual illusions simulated or a reality, one that may in fact be directly connected to an individual personal entity of higher sentience, a soul so to speak, that we by these layers can negotiate the variations in gravity and redefine what we mean by mass.

If in similarity over a range of a flat projection of hemispheres we find some things repeating in patterns this is a linear or time like equivalence to ideas of rotation and reflection.  In  particular there are regions transcendentally not algebraic as the sphere, or are so as a lune... and importantly an idea that is in between these to core ideas.

We see lately the idea of self assembling machines based on cubes with a little bit of entropy or chaos thrown in so as to allow the freedom to move thus follow a program of ordering in the assembly, such a program should keep in mind the hierarchy of interrelated next adjacent dimensions if we are in a more general way to bypass the question of what is programmable in the issues of what is NP-complete and related issues.  Is the universe as such complete?

I add, that we should not be so limited in our color encoding merely in the realm of certainty by proof we do not explore this realm of adjacent supersymmetric dimensions (was not Riemann's great insight such an idea into four space?)  I add a second illustration modified from the wiki post on what is the P not =P problem... that 4 bi colors are impossible on the 20 points of a dodecahedron while 5 bi colors cover them twice...  I merely asked if 5,2 in 3D is possible then, as to the actual attempt to draw or visualize... why not 6,2 or 8,2 and so on... to see merely 6,2 as dimensions certainly does limit our ideas (conspiracy is the term I think) or possibilities to see directly as if six dimensional string like theories only.

Now, can we assemble the higher dimensional matter say by self assembling 4D orthogons and so on, to print them so to speak, or in a sense are we at least that already as organic and intelligent beings in a world of lesser physics of the light and dust?

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photonics   But can certain circuits at least detect changes in gravity ( perhaps as if hidden waves)?

* * *   This afternoon science and math on fb points out this paper on Higgogenesis which sounds like what I have been saying and thinking for a long time... only the truth is a little deeper and this paper for its sense of simplicity has to been seen thru the complexity of the language to support but not start with first principles as if that is really an entirely new language.  Some principles are missing to be discovered, some are there in the sense of thermal bounds and a loose idea of scalars... but no definite counting of these abstract particles.  I was going to add this note before I saw the article:

As the variations of bicoloring suggests we do probe the three by three (table cloth fractal) 4D and more coherent structural systems and so on but to at least 8 and not just 6 dimensions. (there superdeterminism kicks in and rather dynamically in the chaos.  The idea of Riemann in positive curvature geometry is one of multiplicity as reentry into the polytopes.  Given a time direction and a quasic field for the possibility of biases of flavor changes and their higher analogs we can imagine, in simplicity say in the cosmic background, the reverse of the multi-ply idea as if a "plane of evil" to which across the plane in the next higher dimension things may spin yet can be focused to a center (the origin of the so called finite but bounded big bang view). In the measure also (without the need for idea of say a dark matter particle as materialist grounding in at least the three forces of the standard theory) we can imagine a third, or other higher particles of n,2 colors form of a neutral Higgs (as well an antineutral one on the other side of deeper mirrors, ie dark matter.  I find it amazing how much we can get out of the structure of polytopes and polyhedra and that despite the rather intricate formulas it amounts to this focus of things like why a certain quantum integer number.  Now this is a given of a sorts but is a sort of ultimate axiom more than a strict universal principle for we can have this division-ply seem to go off and evolve in different directions so as to finally explain not only anomalities of the cosmic background but why there are particular chance and unique diverse regions in the World in the face of what we can imagine as crystalline or perfect mathematics...  The fifth force or element has been the drive for a long time, back to at least Einsteins UFT dreams so this in a sense is the needed generalization of the procedure.  Despite the growing wisdom and uncertainty of this method is it at the frontier of our imaginations while abstract as a fundamental principle we can stand on it as a physics a priori.  Now, does this not seem an intelligible truth that does not decohere despite the profound simplicity?

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A small rant on fb status... Odd the feeling of freedom left awhile when the state closes or the stalking rangers cannot afford gasoline that we walk freely in the city at peace.... but it cannot last, just like if one walks off a job it is getting out of prison but into solitary confinement and hard to get parole.

Theories of the Quasiomnium  Who gets the Nobel Prize for a theory...  A  God "particle" or the Higgs...? but in the chaos and anomalies in the cosmic background with not perfect Utopia we should call them the State or Party Particle.  So the two party system pushes history and conflict in directions and anti-directions, a bias of growing power over the chaos...  And even with a third particle, neutral perhaps, or centrist, there is a 50/50 chance of a stable situation. It is one thing for God to work thru man a Will or the State to claim the role in matters of live and death on this side of Heaven... secular or religious or not.  But then to deny the veterans the visiting of memorials when they heard the call and gave their own nobility to the the sense of duty in perhaps pointless wars- is the best example that we have come to a time where the symbolic power speaks of a failed standard theory and state... perhaps if the people are soverign and civilized they would do what the state cannot, and with more certainty.  Otherwise, voting remains illogical in outcomes in multi-party and primary systems... not voting could help the candidate of your choice.

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Footnote:  a poem essay on Einstein's brain  Unistonium on my poetry blog...

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