Friday, August 14, 2009

subpixels and praise of string physics etc.

The biggest problem of how math applies to the real world (even the great Laplace in consideration of a Deity asked questions that amounted to asking what is consciousness- are we to just take from the greats what we are biased toward?) is the desire to stay where we are on what we consider logic from the very beginning and unto the idea of periodicity in imaginary functions. Euler was right about so many things we say in more modern eyes were nonsense were realms cannot approach but unity from the plus or minus. But what is unity in the ambiguity of zero and one? Fermat was no amateur either when it comes to the recondite quasic like properties of numbers. In this zen garden drawing I ask what are the integer values of several pixels. 89 the 11th Fibonacci number and a prime and 80. Here in the background I do not insist on each collection of pixels having a border. The ratios of pixels are interestingly everywhere and are at home at zero also- it is a good idea but we cannot just build physics up from small finite computer programs.

* * *

I want to add a metaphysical overview of this- perhaps from a more artistic frame of reference beyond the Platonic given or those who hold the modified view that evolution can explain it all short of initial conditions. Even Kepler was right and his idea should not have been abandoned as much as generalized to higher spaces.

Life is seen like a Ferris wheel or carousel we enter from open hyperbolic spaces and go around a bit and leave to unknown spaces- so goes the classical metaphor. And we interpret things upon this, imagine life so short or sleep so long, or that in the periods we have recurring lives of indefinite extent. Waves are part of the picture for in the limited world of this real universe much like Hawking we may say that the time imaginary is infinite. But between our beginning and ending in a finite and only universe all therein is constructive interference- all in the corresponding model of imaginary periodics is destructive interference from our view- surely then there is an insight and only that, an analogy of deep and mysterious geometric validaties, that what is closed here is opened somewhere else- the primitive idea of a new heaven and earth or of a soul that transcends it all as if the catenary and spirals work on the single round universes of many dimensions and not just the line and circle or parabola and circle of Descartes but such curves and a general invariant picture beyond that not necessarily deterministic only.

The idea of a heaven is still in the running and something we did not evolve out of apparently. That is if we do believe in the intelligibility and certainty of experiment. I personally no longer need to worry about what some experts say.

Today I attend other sons wedding rehearsal so I apologize for being unclear and terse but the joy of math is not really taught well enough to show its meaning and prepare students for the exploration of these new earthshaking ideas.

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