Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Probability as a Measure of Intelligence and Ignorance

Clearly, as a long standing principle of logic things like the law of excluded middle and the Peano axiom that there is zero and a successor to define numbers has its place, but such an axiom can apply to other structural and informational systems.

Such information as physicallity can be seen as fractally (recursively) conserved and thus a material system more or less constructed linearly and materially like DNA is someplace a quasi-random system. The application of mathematics to the physical world may or may not be thought of as a rigid matter of causal inference in the succession.

zero precedes one and one is preceded by zero. One is greater than zero and zero is less than one. Yet both of these (as well as the geometric confusion of zero the equivalent of potential infinity) are some form of something or being- initiators or generators of some complexity of abstract higher numbers.

Structural quasicity precedes quantum interference and undermines qlassical coherence in the special time "flow". The imaginary direction in the trivial case iy causes a quantum like jump over a unit area, just as units can be zero contiguous in the natural number line direction. Doubling and halving, just as if a propery of organic things for replication, is part of this mathematical environs and accumulation. Yet once extended in a binary phi sequence the physical reading, the immutation, is in both linear directions (despite the desire to see but rays or one side of a divided plane and reduce physics to the idea of one or unity of dimensions.

Materiality itself and its structure once given can vary the combinations and introduce a fact of information of those material ones to be varied upon. Global nothingness permeates and thus procedes dynamically structural somethingness.

Here for the diagram today I offer mostly art at the pixel level as a suggestion of some quasic systems having global unity yet reflect but part of say a chessboard. It is important that the powers of two are considered when reading higher echos or recursions of a given sequence that in fact grow by different binary rules and bases.

Today I found my first books of poems as if they came back from the nothingness and even in the high school these had the germ of the physics I have developed and published on the science chat and philosophy forums. Also in activities of moving things there was a certain sense of being in such places before but only in dreams- the dump in particular with its archelogy of burial mounds and murder of scavenging crows. In a sense my work is exhausted on these insightful themes thought conserns only in isolation and in the waiting and loss and reconections they still stand from the origin and first energies of faith and my awakening mind- the usual concerns and yet in all the intenisity of feelings and emotions these last couple of weeks I am very close to realizing just how much some things spiritual apply to our mundane lives of reductionism.

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