Saturday, August 1, 2009

Does God Hold Atoms Together (Part 2 of 3)

Does God Hold Atoms Together? (Part 2 of 3)

This is not to say the interpretations of mathematical physics is not beautiful in its own right but clearly as evidence of the interpretations of the equations- say density or energy or even the conservation of energy- seems pervasive yet vague and again there is some sense to the philosopher's charge of the ghost of departed quantities. On some quasic level we can take the conceptual step a little higher for something like if some region is toroidal and yet it is not even if things are finite and conserved by whatever fundamental theorems. Symmetry can be seen to come before the power of conservation as much as be behind or co-extensive with it.

In general if the purpose say of the former philochatcom science site is to further education that is a nobel goal but educat is always the leading out of what is within us and the indoctrination from outside us as the basic distinction to keep in mind- a distinction that can relate to and be colored by other realities of our steps of personal and social growth. The participation on such forums is much like the arbritary meeting of a loan officer that is a crap shoot on if one gets the loan or say what to expect from the conscience of a judge's court decisions. What else is there but this human element. But those of us in the know see the irony and true colors of how some of the members feel about certain ideas - ideas that I feel I have grown beyond my allies in the debates btw. Some there beyond the personal factor are truly friends of ideas and science.

Let us say for example, from the wider freedom of the philosophic side of such a forum which is he mirror of our age perhaps but not a clearly defined one in personal or generational time, that an ultimate answer that "There is no universe" makes some intelligible sense for we can indeed imagine a time past or to come when individually this may be the case- or that in a sense we are the same person as say the South Australian organic chemistry teacher walking by me saying hello in the morning with his discipline and years of wisdom and care of his dog on its walk, he the same really as his young student who has finally awakened to the value of enquiry and too after the fact how precious life is and that of his child he sired in wandering years.

As if we are indeed somehow disembodied shadows, ghosts, or wills in this paradox of existing. The question as to what of thought is real is a lesser question and insight than this, lesser in level and irrelavace as Descartes pointed out in doubt and sensing being, for now. The wider idea o cosmology in a belated analogy to natural biology as a process to be taken seriously is also lesser in scope although in that physics seems a branch of biology seems to hint at ghosts where the highest level of complexity is such consciousness- but what that is in the failed interpretations is much more adaptable in complexity as a unified system, it is more on a higher level still and not that we cannot see things on the same logical level or perceive things beyond that but that what we imagine in this lesser level is far from whatever is its ultimate truth as being.

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