Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Virtual Koi Pond

For those in the know these philosophic ideas can have many applied uses and will make our control of our shifting technological society more ergonomic and user friendly. It does not aim to establish divisions nor support any side of lies - for example the denial of certain evolutionary experiences of human psychological and spiritual history or which side (and a pox on both their houses if they are lying to us) of the swine flu and immunization debate as a way to control population- or if in the inoculation against cancer precursors this is the end result of our incoherent (or deliberate) genetic engineering. We are at times less than guinea pigs, we are the culture dishes of experiments. But the biochemistry is strait forward and should be the common property as knowledge of the people. In the birds and the bees the honeybees and RNA show the problem that comes back to bite us.

Yet, there are those who imagine in our artificial world and take it to the bank defense of turf and power for money rendered unto the given face of Caesar of the day who insist and believe they are morally right. Let us hope enough human beings have a conscience in our medical and drug fields to keep things a little more real. For science for all its beauty and promise is not done well by parroting engineers who are only artificially there in the gown far from the strength of the masses in the town. The anti-humanists solve nothing with their elite priesthood- that is not the needed science and technology yet they preach in the name of science.

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