Sunday, August 23, 2009

Of Fishnets and the Beast (Zen Cubes)

So what happens if we treat the realm of relaxed and finite numbers as a garden free to roam the ideas of time and space. In John the maximum fish a net can contain is 153 when directed to cast forth into some part of the sea. And what is the number of the beast with all such properties of what is the real world at our finger tips such that it is a triangular number? What is this elegant familiar just space trying to tell us about space and numbers and that beyond two times two is two plus two?

Sometimes our scribbles make of the black board a zen like garden black or green.
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The other thing on my mind was a posting in the new activity section of the philosophychat forum: "" This from this source:

This "major discovery" strikes me as a given, somewhere between the relaxed sensitivity to what is Platonic and what is so modified by our minds- after all at some state of insight one might conclude as some intelligent souls have that there is a mathematics possible for everything.

Now there seems to be reports of bickering in conferences by those that actually do and boast of the importance of their careers of science ans what science means to them, see the science forum. But having banished their metaphysical detractors is it not clear that without enemies time and time again some in group attack each other for lack of external threats? What a festival of soul searching when it dawns on some people to question the core of their methods, doings, and beliefs having no historical connections to the past to see the use of such things. In that they for the sake of money to pay perhaps for the pointless education that has limited the world perhaps for the security of the established order declare philosophy useless we see they raise an issue which in the end by their own testimony shows science to be useless in the main- that is purposeless really beyond its own pure sake and the open belief as a right of all people to make the world one possible for enquiry.

Clearly, as far as the nucleus of a cell we have the double membrane and it follows in such quasic matters of the merging and division of gene codes that these structures, especially quasi-crystalline and five fold as the symmetries of life and of space structures of higher dimensions that the math of such was foreseen and given as much as discovered. Some have a hint of this to some degree of awareness and for those in the know a question on say the quadrapoles of electric fields is such a stereonomic or geometric question. Why force things into some sort of idea of a spiritless world of simple three space with minimum quantization of the electromagnetic field (the baseball curve) and expect it a total proof of ones idea of what is life and their life in particular? Take the hint biowizards and decide if you are to be an engineer or a scientist of curiosity or at least be aware when to mix the two. An honest scientist maintains a certain distance from his biases.

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