Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beyond Leibniz and Binominal Root Methods

Picture of an ambiguous cubes in an ambiguous lattice here as buildings and other artful symbols. Deep in the quadratic plane, lines and circles, parabolas and circles of Descartes in space, and some curves all about e and pi and anti-derivatives and so on in the completion of squares and real and false roots, some imaginary, that compliment dialectically.

I am not sure this new interconnection of those on the net (some major now in facebook and tweter) is the thing that brings a new cultural phenomenon of substance and struggle for our expansion of human consciousness and learning- maybe it is just another higher phase of the same old promises of the media and growth of science. I think my fragmented posts on the old philosophychat forum are hidden away under the new and less accessible format- I do not have a thread anymore in the metaphysics section and wonder if there is any metaphysics there at all.

I should have known it was well known that there was a great cultural difference between the gods of Olympus and of Rome. The applied and theoretical in science- that one can have a lot of training and competence (so called expertise) and still not be in a higher sense educated. Like the current crisis and debate in medicine the idea of science as one of quantity of procedures and stopgap proscribing of psychotropic drugs is this one standard of science as in Rome: What is bankable. The right and the left share this error, so do the religious fundamentalists and the so called diverse and culturally enlightened. All is controlled media in a sea of media and it is a deep political and philosophical question in this virtual world if we should regard the hierarchy of the spin on ideas as a democracy or not- we have to face somewhere the ultimate philosophic consequences of the mirror of real life in this virtual world. Beware of those who think it a given to control your free will and give but lip service a true and enduring sense of diversity and privacy.

If the third world and the bodies of the other worlds live by a philosophy of struggle, of some idea of an absolute view of the second law of thermodynamics then the expediency cannot be but one of warfare living and dying by the sword- in effect there is also cultural war in cyberspace and those mutations will not take hold and the third world will remain a lost world despite some places at one time or another having had like the Western Greeks their golden age.

In the picture is the suggestion perhaps that there are what I style metaphorically the Dirac dimensions on the celebration of his life anniversary. One is what is continuous, one is discontinuous (after all he realized there was a minimum of the energy in this question of what is finite, quantized and the filled negative spaces) and the parts that are structured as regions- the polar centers and the complex planes all subject to flatness and diagonals in some dimension involve the dimension of contiguity. These three aspects are what Newton defined as part of the definition of continuity. Such contiguity is tied up with the idea of expanding space, and fractal space and I coin the world consparsity for the whole. Moreover there are several ways to combine such abstract lattices. Clearly even in an infinite space we could imagine applying say relativity as Dirac did a measure and interpretation of a magnetic moment but not the quantum wave function of the universe itself as a complete idea. We see also that in this consparse sea we can make various interpretations of what is aleph 0, aleph 1, or other varieties of the transfinite for each dimension. But this is a frontier and yet to be expanded upon although obvious consideration.

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