Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Virtual Vortex

We can imagine the eye of a hurricane as a tranquil zen like place. Surely there is a lot of science unrecognized which synchronously hints at the supernatural as that which to some extent we can see as science. The suppression of these ideas indicate to what extent the reductionist view feels intuitively threatened and thus it is a sort of evidence for the hiding of truth. Now, some of these ideas I have been mulling over lately and coincidentally I return to the old radio days and find that some of the strange ideas do speak of my more advanced and the ideas more advanced like that of the nature of mind and dementia so organized as the key to it as on new scientist. Alas, the vortex ideas and those of things like dead carrier waves and voices from the multiverse ideas reach too far for what they have actually done the experiments for- yet in that vortex of the atom smashers are we not doing the same sort of seemingly metaphysical thing? Let those who want the real light so strongly find the high energy of it at some focal point a the expense of the creative and the measure of what is still in the entropic seething and depressing heat that they have assumed explains the arrow of time as irreversibility. (see one of the blogs I follow today on Boltzman) and a poem related on my blog on myspace/ottonian today called Whisper Doll (that resperdol? as shots given to some I know in the coffee shop.) But I may return to this theme, a hint of another one while my thoughts are deep in the koi pond and what such a restful place of contemplation can do physically. Of course one should explore the relation of phi in all of this and so on just as much as the young students claim the expert and true scientists must know about Frouier analysis- but do they even explain the eye of storms or absolute values or perhaps the arrows of time that collide where positive and negative are relative and arbritary in definition. Sure irreversibility is not intrinsically magic but it is so in that the universe ultimately seems so if one thinks about it.

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I would like to add in case anyone is following or will follow some of this a comment with a little more direct substance. The idea of the scientist on the Coast to Coast show in the wee hours of the night on WLS am was that of the 11 or so string dimensions and the voice over the dead carrier waves represented parallel universes (hence our near copy knows our name and so on) and that in such paranormal phenomena there are vortexes as the vague model where these things cross over- let me say also that the measurements of the magnetism (not the more complex idea of Ley lines) was solid if unexplicable science at $300 a day for the use of the instruments. Now as far as these non-linear things in many ways that is the heart of what is looked for or potentially looked for in the COBE data (WMAP) and even if we dismiss inflation or looping (some of which is indeed part of the picture as the at least possibilities of Lee Smolins more organic concepts of initial conditions).

Yet it is a primitive theory from my viewpoint as if in some history line all these concepts could have spawned whole religious like tracts of metaphysics as if to relate the cultural to the technology on what it means to be part of the real. Now the separation, a relative thing where materially at neutral spaces (Hoyle s creation field idea was my original take on it)- that is any such paranormal phenomena, is that the author in his forthcoming book takes from the speculation of others or terms of others or general idea of the science of others the idea of separate string dimensions as if shells or vortices that intersect at times. Here again we have very unclear and ambiguous of the term dimension. Newscientist comes clouse in this weeks survey of such ideas leading to strings- on the one before that on the E8 ideas I do agree it an important step in the overall picture if not the ultimate step of unification of things. Now in what way does this describe the condition and structure of the mind in itself in these transition states of sleep and consciousness and the question of the evolutionary reasons for sleep (newscientist article related this week) The quasic ideas (including the skeptical question I asked on philooshychatforum that Is there a Quasic mysticism like the quantum mysticism which on the forum asks after all does coherence and qm apply to the unity of living things- scientists not dismissing this as those on the forum did and some still do- as would anyone who hold the second law so absolute) are much easier to see well beforehand what appears to me to be at best a theory that will be vulnerable to criticism on many grounds yet where it is not it is grossly too simple. Sure we may think in a trance we can time travel, but clearly with quasics there is much more in the virtual and absolute empty gardens of space and high heat energy we can to to shift the clocks and echoes of time- just as with the need in the model compressed and string like of organic symmetry so to the real and false echos of the personality or mind of the universe as uncertain and simple as it may be compared with that beyond.

* * * (next day) :

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Samuel Taylor Coleridge


`But why drives on that ship so fast,
Without or wave or wind ?'


`The air is cut away before,
And closes from behind.

Fly, brother, fly ! more high, more high !
Or we shall be belated :
For slow and slow that ship will go,
When the Mariner's trance is abated.'

* * *

Consider a semi rigid rubber ring and apply four corners of pressure. In a sense this simple idea of space and its math is a view of the minimum quantization of the electromagnetic field- that is it becomes the baseball curve of so much thickness or properties if the extent perpendicular to the curve is some arbitrary unity.

Let us not totally dismiss the idea of qm looping in the sense it searches over a range and there can be random choices that affect one range or the other- for all the fancy formuli the concepts are at base those of logic, especially a coherent logic over some zen like local depth of grid in good arrangement at some point of this division between parallel worlds as if scanning or scrying randomly. Of course the idea of a flat space permits more properties in this sense. Can the realms overlap? How thin can we not see a calm as well as turbulence in a vortex? I mean to the extent Minnesota pushes East is that the extent that Michigan pushes furthest West? What is such a line, or a magnetic line, but in some sense a vague singularity? How physically as well as metaphysically can we understand the idea of some invariance of unity and do we expect evidence against it to be only outside all our perceived and discoverable realms? The LHC is at least a project of philosophy and even if two particles collide head on nothing is explained yet of when the momentum reflects inward.

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