Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two Scientific Poems

Two Scientific Poems

For Lincoln et al : should we not consider some alternative answers when no other explanations are offered? If we need to look at artificial
cosmic rays horizontally is there a chance it makes our vision flat?
"[Ducks] + [Margaritas] is not rescued by [Ducks ] + i [Margaritas]."
Lincoln at


Leaving Some Things Undefined Aug. 3, 2009

You cannot find the thirteenth step
in the truth of dreams added to dreams imaginary

We know our hearts are stuck there in spin and
tailspin, in the aether and light and matter

Yet some dwell there, build babbles towering
far from the bottomless core and endless sky

Denying spirits in man or beyond this world
can stay the clocks or make them, work intervention

We fallen angels at rest feel no acceleration
our sparks of persistent sperm feel no resistance

We keep our heavens mysterious, veils at a distance
inside the atoms, lust and lover, outside the universe

Ball bearings and magic through the radio without wires the child
could not see the magnets, just cat whiskers and iron filings.

* * *

"" As always the Astronomy Picture of the Day inspires poetry
(as well as sending posters to philosophy to "mathify"
their alternative theories leaning toward prose, Dr. Lincoln. Yes, and poetry.)

Doubled Moon Through the Windowpane

We do not paint the moon as oval
not as we understand her, our eyes see her

Fibonacci's rabbits hop through the windowpane
trapped in lasing mirrors, Casimir their growing pains

Escape through the polarized slits in blinds in ghostly
images, time's shadow arrows hawk like and duck like

A property of space itself beyond the sea of waves
what spins in the cosmic background noise non-linear

I move obliquely to scan fast, not disturb but unify the picture
nor my neighbor primping herself for sleep, Cassandras vanity mirror

The shadow moon orbits from nine to twelve o'clock
the truth and sin original, vaporous energy, mysterious love

To her I am but a braying mule, her sea a donkey in Tranquility
cloudy glare not perturbed through the sun, my eyes not naked.

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