Friday, August 21, 2009

ZenRockMultiworld and TimeTravel

There are high moments in our life when we fell more awaken- but in what sense do we distinguish the virtual from the real; what is ghost and what is materiality?

Last night before my second son moves to the city I watched the dog and cat the last time for awhile. Two weddings in this significant month of August. Everything seemed to fit together magically but came close to glitches in the planned time line. Say the picking of a woodland sunflower and wearing it on my suit and that being the childhood favorite of the brides best friend. Or waiting between the taking things to the dump a walk to the store short of a fiver so just along for the walk in the gentle rain I found one floating in the gutter but at the store it turned out to be a fifty which I needed for other things also and wished I had after all the frenzy was over when I said goodbye and saw them off.

Sleeping on the floor in the empty cleaned house the animals curled up by me and seemed to relax from all the changes. I had a radio and listened to WLS on a show about time travel and on the art bell show. I feel like a time traveler myself but was this science or a coincidence of sorts on my mind? Seeing my fourth son after so many years also made things shift in time. Not a star rover like Jack London as much as some sort of multiverse rover. Nevertheless what was speculated upon by such a show and website came close to the heart of science and philosophy- I too a naked singularity stripped of its event horizons. I could see some errors in the ideas and the reasons behind them which the vague scientists cannot or refuse to see where the world itself as substantial is virtual.

Clearly as in the internet virtual world or the one of who determines the metaphor of natural selection and systems of government and economy- or who decides the design of the agenda for the exploration of science and pseudo-science we have the first applications of the issues at hand of things like karma and the meaning of an actual time travel as say by my quasic z like codes. So if we can shunt to parallel realities and change things in that destination but not the unified one where we are most creative and unique- how can this be? What deeper explanation is there? Like all partial and rumored theories what actually is seems just to escape us and hint at contradictions as well as some future physics or metaphysics. We who are original and fundamental, or sometimes reach this height are really not relavant and are invulnerable to the pathetic changes of some people who think they have and can impose an agenda on the world and our mind. They in the main are the puppets and we are in the main the next step in understanding and freedom. Only we know as puppeteers it is a meaningless exercise that is truly virtual and multiworld without the sense of a scientific and spiritual really to arbitrarily tie and move the strings of others. In the health care issue and speculations on world history we have only a representation of possibilities and not a more reasoned destiny of what is possible in this world. Alas, myself and most of us do not have such a degree of faith in some unity of our being to engineer our realty nor go back and change things or know, given the power, what course of action in depth to take. We do not even know how to address the higher spirits of the worlds directly for in such things all is as metaphorical and recurring as even a Darwinist natural selection metaphor. I know only that a few precious things came back to me from the nothingness or depths of the landfill- things I desired and needed. It clearly was not some unobserved lapse of memory for that is a reality after the new fact of return. I hope this is clear enough but I doubt one can get the sense of it without at least a minimum of experiencing such things. I only know that at the foundations I had a tremendous amount of intuition and energy and people praised my songs and words and I felt at once ancient yet timeless.

To distinguish what is science and psueudo-science requires this sort of reasoning about our fundamental physics- and it goes far to make real what is useful in the metaphysics. If in the sense of Titor there is a future war as the reality of this one and such time travel as a material thing is possible most of us will have to think a little more complexly about these things- it is unlikely we will stumble on them from a cold reductionist experimental sense- moreover, some of us will not permit it - especially if we are annoyed by those who walk this world as robots and zombies. If I have been successful then it is because I respect and have been close at times in my life to what we can at best say metaphorically is our God. But this sort of time travel idea (and the math of it related to complex numbers) in the microworld at least is something I knew of long ago and is perhaps my lonely but greatest discovery. Only if I could now gain back and not just transcend it all- and only if I could awaken us to a better world where our hearts confound this one.

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