Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Life Map

Clearly, the emotional music of the inner view as a quasic abstract center and the unwinding or unpacking of that stream of information is another concept of what TIME is, perceived objectively and subjectively. I made a quasic chart of my life, a lifemap of 64 squares to get a better handle on the idea of personal (and a way to compare the time of others) time. Each square could contain the 365 I ching like division of days. This chart makes a good explanation for the view of the quasic model of the genome in a way I feel people can relate to easily. I will post one shortly- it is important to have a good sense of all these forms of time limited or extended or not. These metaphysics of it corresponds to these principles whether we take them as physical or subjective or not. (galatomic, if you have read this I ask what is underneath the principle that the fractal quality of consciousness must take a micro form? Clearly there may be a macro form as well if things are strictly fractal- yet I do understand the underlying physics of the reasons you assert such principles as well the bias some have for the local small Euclidean foundation.)

The blog I follow called the Reference Frame yesterday with an article that GR was proven 98% wrong concerning the cosmic background and so on via statistical methods. This sort of philosophy of science here goes far in evaluating and understanding the importance of such claims. It does show to me a fundamental problem with reductionist only physics as purely or modified GR or QM alone or together. But could not the world be otherwise as we can have different individuals bicameral and at different times as the music within us unwinds stores or presents our emotions of the moving music? Does the endless rope hold up the moon, or the moon such an endless rope? Surely psychology and sociology can benefit from these concepts even if they prove just metaphors, but then again what else is there after the tonal and modal aspects of abstract space are known and seen as concrete in the overt and the hidden of spatial energies?

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