Friday, October 16, 2009

Four Space Chess and other Topics:

King Rook, Queen Knight, Magi, Bishops,
All the Happy Family
Oct. 14

I have come to think that anyone in pride, arrogance and
expertise who cannot play four dimensional chess
Cannot in our time be considered a theoretical physicist

Nor, as the evidence is in from New Scientist of how
important learning to juggle is - a thing I tried and
Wrote about before hand last month for the
integration of the parts and general design of our minds

The stream of consciousness is much more complicated
than that we imagine of its oxbows and deltas

Two score years I sat on, played the game alone
lived the bigger picture in my core, productive years
Nursery rhymes and bringing children into the world
played God's game while time sacrifices both dreams
As if a mortal Viking on knees in the privacy of prayer.

* * *

The vague concept of two particles exchanging smaller ones as if two people throwing a ball back and forth causes them to be connected as if by a force can be extended into the idea of juggling in quasic space of certain invariant distances which in one realm of space can result into two distinct invariant paths as if there are two forms of one substance. I style this concept ISD Implied Spacious Dimensions. And where the distinct forces juggle quasic and natural distances we have IPF or Implied Platonic Force as he more general space, I style this dark foam, for quasicity will guarentee both forms of a continuous Plaonic substance and a foamy quantum like view.

From this we can find neutral spaces or zero derivatives interacting from both implied forces. Quasi-foamlike and quasi-aetherlike phenomena of two or more forms of one substance in relation and in parallel show that the concept of intergal cube packing does not have to be from some view limited to two dimensions (squares) such that it proves there are no physical analogies in higher space. After we accept certain conjectures of these subspaces, even unto the octonian, these sort of fundamental concepts will open up new ways to explore physics and mathematics.

I will try to make a diagram like I did in 95 that explains the game better. There is also Odo 256 which is the logical analog to normal three space chess and there is Odo 64 a game harder than four D to play which is 2D chess played in three dimensions.

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