Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Quasic Sphere and Confluence

There is a state, a general one, where the question of some configuration being mangled or unique is philosophically a meaningless or pointless question for these interpretations of state can be absolutely the same - a solid ball or an electron cloud the same description. The quasic fuzzy boundary and fractal like sphere allows as much as it forbids as a cascade of echoes (perhaps the discovery of a self-referential hierarchy of particles in almost organic parallels as instrumentally physical and real in concept at least as what is of our mathematics.

That said, we can loosely establish a general structural shadow form of compressed finite (n-dimensional) description of such physical or mathematical possibilities. In a sense it is the fulcrum of freedom yet a persistence of reality as principle.

It is not a clear thing to imagine such parallel particles as pre-ons nor that they bootstrap save by default, nor that the embedded dimensions of such unique but varying independent and irrelevant background differences can have unity of continuity (where after all we can declare that c = c, as if the source of dark force or frozen vacuum may change yet is isotropic continuous and the same)- a generalization of the idea of "constant". What matters then if at variable and dimensionless speed, infinite as Aristotle thought could be or not, if we on much larger scales out of sync into the past and future general relativity seems awry?

Where then is the zero point of these open-closed systems which may indeed imagine ultimate unities or micro particles (moreover parallel systems of them as if composed of organic photocysts and photoblasts the world a shadow of bilateral symmetries? What are the geometrical properties of the qsphere at singularity?

What then of a more general concept of entropy whose maximum near the influence of vanishing light we can pass through the inner structures of parallel maximum entropy as if physical particles?

* * *

The LHC and the Algebra of the Unknown

L. Edgar Otto

In the persistent existential moment
only the appearance that we change the past
On the steps that bind us in early judgment
to the future, both myths made real as history

In that nitrogen to helium frozen supercooled
collisions contained so world configurations begin
We smash and explode time's head on locomotives
close to the destination, perhaps beyond, absolute zero

Our lives and project then as much about
free will and determinism as stored grain and wasted energy
The path of light walks a tightrope, its value variable
yet does not change as if the steeple points somewhere

While we walk around the cross atop it in our circle
A play of time's angles and parallels, linear collapse, real and imaginary

* * *

Footnote: The Confluence will be our new cultural and science creative group to promote the creative arts and yes to hope to sustain them. We will begin with music.

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