Thursday, October 8, 2009

False Prophets and Taliban of Global Scientists

I am considering going back to Madison for awhile so I can connect with the university there again and the state government. There are new programs regarding veterans (despite the corruption in that office of the state which have always stopped any credentials of which I understood as AF14871466 I am locked into special privilege which impairs my equal treatment as if any other citizen of our republic. I have not written the last few days as my encounters with the government discourage my creativity and has done so in a struggle for years.

To this end I checked again with the Dean of Students (actually the number I called in the alumni magazine in regards to a new veterans program turned out to be there. I explained as best I could my need for credentials to deal with the likes of the students and there cultural perspective toward science as posted below quoting the time I spent on the and other situations.

I also am connected here or follow the science blog from the Czech republic by which they had an article criticizing Penrose as a physicist (as Lincoln on the forum also did even raising later ideas Penrose discussed.) Now for those in the know and who understand truly the frontiers of physics it is these very issues Penrose raised that despite even protected free speech as negative opinion that those jealous and protective of their so called philosophy of science are not expert in understanding the advanced views of Penrose especially to the issues of the role of determinism. Science is dead and the forum has killed it- and the useful diversity had turned into a gray goo of those who held the social positions. In a hundred years or sooner from now the 666 of their lies will be exposed by the 777 of not false science as the truth of things.

"But even the laws of physics, as they are expressed in our mathematical conventions, are not universal in so far as the form of their expression in the language of mathematics. Things like notational convention and so forth are culturally based. And, as I have just stated, the statement of Maxwell's equations is unit dependent. What is universal is the underlying idea expressed by the mathematics. We say that Maxwell's equations in cgs are isomorphic to Maxwell's equations in mks. In other words, there is an exact correspondence between the two systems so that there is a sense of universal translateability. And, of course, Maxwell's equations would be expressed in a different notation on an alien planet. All of the laws of physics are of this character; we might be able to express them differently in different mathematical systems, but there is something which underlies the notation which is invariant. This invariant thing is the true thing, though its often hard to be able to point to exactly what that thing is since any reference that you will make is done using some language." linford86 quote from

Does anyone else see this as a confused and blatant contradiction in need of a little general philosophy to find a truth or at least frame the discussion as intelligible? Can we expect any great achievement from such a philosophy of science apparently as this is taught in our universities as this student is an example of?

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