Saturday, October 10, 2009

galatomic gender exposed, banned from

Just as Lincoln posed as surfer girl to argue with galatomic (the exposure of this if mentioned on the forum would result in his banning he could not come back)the moderators of sciencechatforum and the chat rooms on dalnet finally realized sharondippity was galatomic! what took these engineers so long? I suppose rumors of the glass ceiling are worth more than the glass ceiling itself.

Well, who is left on that thread now but moderators? Anyway the Favre dimensions is a concept that might be best described as Farve himself caught between the cheese head green and gold and the viking purple and white (and number 4 for awhile to the Jets and so on) Hey, public radio reports adolescent elephants goring the rhinos because of territory and lack of family community. It said humans are a lot like them in such thinking. Hey, I knew that one day the sesame street public media crowd would grow up to establish an adult version of the myth of Babar.

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