Monday, October 12, 2009

Evidence of the Quasic Genome Model and another article which shows the more active genes near the surface and quiet ones more into the density (if I can find the article again I will post it here) clearly is empirical evidence for the models of things as I have discussed on the philosophy chat forum and of a view others have added to it- for example how this relates to the idea of consciousness in scale (microscale for example) of galatomic theory.) All this is rather holonic in nature as to the theory and definitely is a post modern philosophy of science as ForestDump pointed out of our paradigm, in the sense it is the same sort of higher dimensional quasic structure that describes dreams and their interpretation. Now Biowiz, do you not see why I could not accept your idea that the evolution of the genes was just a matter of probability of the amino acids and what after all did you find? Of course the link to science daily above is a mere two dimension fractal (quasics are more general than fractals btw)

From my more Platonic view (pseudo-platonic really as mine is the scientific) and from galatomics more nominalist view (pseudo-nominalist really as his is a deep analysis as philosophy in interpretation) we imagine the core, a cube in a cube for example of the math is such that the surface has the max entropy like a black hole and yet the inside has deep structure.

This is the very sort of thing I mentioned the need to understand the nature of identity and uniqueness- after all the COBE background is just one holon like possibility of the surface of something as the great string unravels from a historical bling string ball space.

Of course in the illustration from this article we note the gray code ideas which is useful in four dimensions also- and which is a good part or alternative for the truth of the standard theory vs the quasic one of the forces and gravity itself.

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