Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CERNONS, New Class of Particles (in Brown Code)

Listening to Aaron Copeland on Public Radio last night this concept occurred to me based on my own notation and that of the "Conway Matrix". I would be quite embarrassed if having all these ingredients I had to apply it after the fact of such particle decay and interaction discovery. Other thoughts formed also which with some of the existing recent phenomena (tree ring growth, greater ring around Saturn, the ongoing evolution of disease and immunity, the epi-genome, the simulated artificial black hole to store some photons that cannot escape- all of this suggests to me that a certain clarity in positive technology is possible and moreover will lead to new fields that solve a lot of our problems we fear now will limit our lives as we have known it. I am not clear, beyond these sixteen dimensions, if such theories although more restricted than the possibilities of string theory, have higher analogs which have real effects.

Leonard Edgar Otto AF14871466 October 21, 2009 Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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