Thursday, October 29, 2009

Progressions of the Quasi-spheres

In this model, really of cyberspace organization (after all the net evolves as much as it is a dump for information and neutral access for bandwidth) each established region can become a portal which can expand the quasic coordinate to the entire background space. Here we keep the seas the same as if all such genesis of a new nous or universe is similar as a holon more general than the whole reflected in its parts, at least these appear similar in a sort of proximity of vast multiworlds. Even then each nous has its own time and space and subjective history and evolution and we presume to initiate from zero as nous qs-1 but there could be say rs,ss,ts and so on. Do the rules allow feedback looping? Or is it in general harder to do so in the organization and generation of worlds? Does this model not reflect also the complexity and growth of a unique mind and its perspective including the vanishings and the internal changes and the begetting of similar forms and perhaps the radical changes of the actual among the locally logically quasi-unique and possible?

The inverse of color, as of the oceans and land area, represents the more refined "scientific" channels or worlds in some relation (can there be in one world multiple identities as if twins in the organic analog model?" In any case in the forthcoming LoversOfWisdom entity there is room for emphasis on the confluence of philosophy and science as if a vital creative enterprise.

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