Saturday, August 31, 2013

Teleomniverse (Generalizing Hidden Principles of My Quasic Physics)


L. Edgar Otto   Saturday, 31 August, 2013

Beyond the Omniverse (or Omnimultiverse) the quasic principle of n-entanglement and symmetry-asymmetry in a dynamic evolving nature may be a further state of generalization where the widest balance of symmetry is a viable frontier and crystal structure of abstract vacua persists as that state just as in the 1/nth mirror of Pythagorean flatland we imagine an absolute state there or approached to which today's physics is something between these states.

Yet in a sense all such possible states are present and may interconnect non-necessarily and quasifinitely across the generations or hierarchies of states.  The universe evolves but is stable in the structural evolution.  When an accelerated photon of one state (gamma ray as if in a nucleus or black hole like object) the calculations while persisting with little or no decoherence enters the adjacent states as if in the laws for a photon and its relativistic speed and separation into decay channels and missing momenta as if only involving the continuum of electromagnetic states where some constants and dimensionless constants are unity relative to the evolving states at a given generation and its natural groups and dimensions, and representational intelligible arithmetical and geometrical measures.

In my Omnium past its philosophic elaborations the term Omniomnium as the best I could conceive... or from an elaboration on the quasicontinuum as quasifinite in its corpuscular count a merger called omnicontinuum.  Just as the words escape the imagination that of our widened speculation remains vague.  Clearly Teleomniverse comes to the next possible radical universe level of which we may not say the same sort of reasoning is open or closed in the facts or terminology, outside the scope of the discussion and yet
within the regime of what we ponder as science.

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Just after writing and while posting this great speculation I came across a posting by this blog I follow which links to Marni...  I also note Sabine is planning to propose investigation that seems to me also in this area.  In that sense I am offering you today a more general and perhaps more metaphysical than their frontier insights of which in today's theoretical climate my purpose posting here was to merely archive a new direction or speculation- however, it seems if one can follow my terminology and independent development informally also evolving in this creative science and philosophy blog this may be useful to show differences between the theories including those standard or alternative.

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carlmott… I think I catch what you are saying… My terms should be qualified as making no assertions of some things (thus Higgs-like, opaque matter -rather than dark in general… We certainly seem to raise the issue of real and virtual mirrors and yes IrreducibleGhost below the vortex and tori things can reach back all to the way to Descartes’s or Poe’s general Theory of Everything. Do we have an image or not in a mirror and if real is it symmetrical energy-wise (or like in Alice in Wonderland is the fire in the fireplace different?) It certainly seem unlikely the objective world or the mind do not eventually match in the laws rather than one ultimately predominating over the other so can this philosophic debate and interpretation as physics, say quantum physics, trust an argument from a too restricted theory? Or in some ways are hypotheses of perception as well as the physicality of laws part of at least a little more unified scheme? Perhaps our mind-brains can be so stated in the terms of say particle physics…. A brain may have (in totality or parts with our without gaps or ghosts in the spectrum of light) a place for Fermi or Boson statistics with the structures that implies. Yet between them, just as Brownian motion seems a compromise between classical and quantum formulations (for the ways to describe the same phenomenon anyway by formulas) is there not Boltzmann and perhaps his image as never there ultimately? Binary wise we can imagine the top and bottom of scales as the spectrum in vague psychological terms as Autism to Schizophrenia… a centered only universe or something many-fold or even other worldly…Or some sort of cyclic mania and depression… even here more general symmetry and operations are needed than a random choice of which direction to turn and which direction in entropy or time to find surety in development.
Can it not be as simple as this while some constants as logs or as simple subtraction of inverses thought coincidence but as artifact of approximate or exact geometry be its own derivative.
Genus is a much wider thing and can be reduced to linear ideas as well as loops and curves, so which was do the higher Tori Aim us?

Irreducible… that link does fill in a lot of steps, colors in our paint by number dreams, but it is not general for comprehensive foundations… we need such details even if it may not support one side of our ideas as to what in physics is foundational. For example the dragging of the frame seems good evidence for the view such fields are physical in effect (among so many possibilities- btw in fb I left a message to Sabine asking her what the hell is gravity anyway, in all modesty… it does not seem to me as straightforward a concept as it so obviously has been, even if we take GR as a cue. But does string stuff tell it any better?

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