Friday, January 8, 2010

A Salute to HSM Coxeter

An interesting article today on the reference frame blog : ""
The 248-dimensional heterotic E8 symmetry built in the lab

It is very gratifying to see the world coming closer to my ideas- especially where they were influenced by that guru of geometric gurus, H.S.M Coxeter, one of my heroes kind in our brief correspondence.

From so far back have I considered the idea of a limit to the electron configuration of an atom- I still alone against overwhelming media fanfare that there was the discovery of Bicentinuum in mica, an element beyond Terranium, 120.
The picture corresponds in the magic sequence to considerations of the E8 ideas as I have intuitively felt since the sixty's and tried to explain in the sciencechat and philosophychatforums the last few years.

Let the followers of Klein and Lie extend these concepts to balance the seemingly "magic" numbers. Let them consider the upper limit to some snowflake of monster groups so to fill in the blanks.

It occurred to me this morning in the shower that this principle can be generalized and transitive to lesser subsystems of structure. In that sense gravity may not so stand outside the consideration of the other forces but in a sense, on the nucleon level for example, even those forces may be quasized in concept. Certainly we ask what happens when two such atoms join, and more in some intelligible pattern as if that speculated upon as decoherence between universes adds to the design of things.

Although mine is a beautiful picture one can wonder how I found such a path and it before hand the only one or if it one of many ends of any dreaming. Yet in my poems lately on cosmos and tragic loss of love, beyond the modern and post-modern of our closing reductionist century, and the post alpha-numeric age, I question the heart itself of we who read the message and are the messengers (who reads this post anyway?) when in our era of uncertainty of methods we appear not to identify and guarantee both. See what the little bird said in my poem: I Have Known a Month of Sarah

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