Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time Begins at Year One

Time Begins at Year One
L. Edgar Otto 01-21-10

Love's star at its birth, at the creation
cannot be broken down into a mere conjunction of planets
Yet that is how we mark the calendar, days in stone
our hedgehog quills rolled into ourselves
Point everywhere, love's arrows but a small part of
our light transparent between and through each other
Suspended in disbelief love's flesh and blood warmth described by skeletons

Love's trades a compromise, true forces drawn together
or pushed apart, distance a true measure of the dream
Somewhere toward infinity, its gains maximized away from zero
as all wise dances between freedom, lovers backed into a corner
Flat the light between heart's mountains, diffuse and far away
our interference or support amplified my universe and yours decohere
Stark the lines of love's cathedral, time a picket fence our spines renewed

* * *

Equality leaves no doubt, Love's truth submitting into oneself without
mutual admiration or care for each others arms as cradles as we race the
Expanding shells, space hotter drumming, Love's glory prominences and penumbra
consuming lesser stars our pulsing beacon once and nova
The rising bread by bread alone the light of Love's gift Casanova
when most are double stars beyond the acorns not planted
Why are we surprised Love's stable chaos braids and we have planets?

Love stalks and walks invisible and disguised sun dry the dusty
dirt roads yet through its jungles wet and dark my eyes collect
The first sparks of Love's birth, glittering mica or snow drifts twinkling
your eyes walk in familiarity with rainbow colors of produce stands, shallow
Fallow fields cannot conceal you are a jaguar and the red eye spots shadow rings
bedeck your golden skin no sun's impressions touch- Love that left at my end
Clouds beyond known constellations is where our my love, such love, our love begins.

* * *

A third time since the solstice I am backlogged with poems.

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