Saturday, January 2, 2010

What Are We ? (MMX)

What Are We?
L. Edgar Otto 01-02-10

As we begin the new decade, a sequel to our sense of time, a unique touchstone and change, a new millennium - something in its inception, a steppingstone, seems to stand outside of time - we collectively and fragmented individually have thought about and learned, have become experts of sorts to what we have developed from our initial state of innocence. (But can we break through the fluency of the metaphors that our formal and private songs can be better shared with each other?)

If I may reflect the art and literature pointing to our futures, our odyssey at the
frontier of the space age, the Star Baby awakened to think something more than the careful handling and elimination of weapons of mass destruction, his tuition as to how the systems of life and worlds can work, without the burden of excess - waste that at least ideally in a beginning to be morally said to take food and prospects from the mouths of our profuse children covering the earth in paradoxes of survival, then we can say we have awakened to that cusp of awareness in a sense always there yet new that we as a species can intervene and influence the higher battle of our progressive evolution both for what we are and what the ground of space and time is for our intuition where hopes and dream designs and mechanism apply, that we let and bring the light, go through the valley of dangers, ignite to glory and intelligibility all the failed stars.

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