Wednesday, July 7, 2010

bACkdOOr gin and calyptic ordering

bACkdOOr gin and calyptic ordering

Here the game is to arrange so many cubes such that the spectral (or alphabetical) order appears one of each element positive and negative on the cube faces (the six axial directions from the center).

In the illustration we see this can be done with six cubes for the six color sequence roygbv. It can be done with all thirty cubes A -A and so on. Or it can be done with nine cubes. Perhaps it can be doubled with the mediators as a foundation unit of such shifting and rotating codes. We could have 12 or 14 bases.

The next obvious step is to enlarge the matrix to include a fourth axis, LCH* for example. What happens when we move down the diagonal in this notation on that level- are we to assume a 4 by 4 shifting matrix? I have long felt from the inside rather than from the surface the 240 or so soma cubes have to fall out as solutions from four space symmetry considerations.

* * *

Later that afternoon... I did not solve the pentomino problem (five cubes of possible stacking) so have nothing really to post conclusively. I note only that there are thirty ways to do this and one of them I presume is in four space as if a corner of a set of hypercubes. There are twelve of them that are two dimensional which make 60 cubes, and six pairs of mirror images which makes sixty cubes, and six others in space for thirty cubes, for 30 sets of five cubes total. I am not quite clear as the numbers add up so well- indeed from the 20 and 30 cube sets of gin and LHC we see the 120 cell and the 600 cell (for perhaps a better measure of the structure of the nucleus- see newscientist this afternoon on the size of a proton, I did have a passing thought two days ago that this might lead to a more intense sort of fusion (with even greater catalysts than muons) and felt the reality of it all as a possible down side of science discovery (if indeed such simple things can help with our energy thoughts and mass thoughts and is after all a reality of the much anticipated lately new physics.) Of course I thought about extending this to language also, the simplest the syllabary of a cube and its opposite cv. That some things are not chiral from the next higher dimension in these shapes is a principle that seems to limit some structures even here in the calyptic algebra as it apparently does, and also unifies things doing so, in the usual mathematics.

An article on the LHC searching for SUSY that one or the other as far as the cosmology is concerned is a gain or loss- nonsense, both ideas when made general enough are part of the picture. For scientific gain the other side of the empirical data does not need have the other view lost.

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