Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Metaphysical Interlude

Metaphysical Interlude (Stalking Sophia)
Of the three foundations of Aristotle, the physics, the metaphysics, and the lost book stereonometry (at least as I have attempted a recapitulation and interpretation of logical and historical recreating the notions in my posts from an independent standpoint on the philosophy chat forum) the trend of current speculative physics is its reductions decidedly seeming to converge to theories of stereonometry. (In a sense all is boson and scalar).

In this sense physics does touch directly on the organic models of things long before the questions of the nature of consciousness. The idea that life is a sort of anti-entropy, as in the first blush of general systems theory, can only go so far in its comprehensive applications and coincidences. Life force, as generally a metaphor and "quasi-vector" (distinguished perhaps from pseudo-vector and the metaphysics of weak particles with their lepton like aspects- surely if the so called Higgs decays into gamma other photons new technologies are around the corner on what ever quasic or vaguely generational nth dimensional idea) such a vector or matrix idea as analogous to such treatment of space and number is like the gravitational force- if that comes after and seemingly emergent from source and vacuum structural processes of physicality as stereonometric relations.

We should not be that surprised as an independent phenomenon or not, that living things have intelligible patterns and relations similar to these of the physics of coherence, the cellular integration and differentiation further explained as a foundation for organism. Yes, on the face of it this notion still speculates metaphysically. Yet, what we learn from the atom smashers about space and particles may pay us vastly in return investments with knowing ourselves if not our souls and desires as the how and why of living and thinking things.

We come again to the fronts with an opened question of philosophy that asks just what is unique in such grounding symmetries and what patterns are preserved, endure, and are possible in what sort of physics that just out of sight follows from what such theories possibly imply? But who maintains such a separation of our enquiry deep down where our scientists with seemingly more certain views of the world are in many creative ways poets who know it not, rebels in a world of disembodied polemics and politics without the cause where all such culturally based causes touch life universally and with smoke and mirrors for the individual and the social glue of some species?

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