Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eleven Dimensions and the Eighteen Faced Deltahedron

Eleven Dimensions and the Eighteen Faced Deltahedron ;& (PentaConway)

*0 - Quasi-centered or Quasi-extended Quasi-continuity.

*0.1 - In a greater space structure level, the linear and circular abstract motions being interchangeable, creation of mass inertial structures may appear in the lesser space as linear. (For example the ideas of a global compass for aether wind and non-anisotropic cosmic rays)

*0.2 - Such linear inertial wind may add mass and energy to created particles including ejected structures (as if from spherical shells) like stars or said rays.

*1 - Consider the 12 deltahedron dipyramidal pentahedra placed on a dimple of five triangles on a dimpled dodecahedron as if a rhombic triacontahedron of 60 faces.

*2 - The investigation of polyhedral structures used to elucidate "physics as the primary notion" applied in turn elucidates the ever wider discipline to explore of the fine points of such structures.

* 1.0 - The 12th face may be a self-dual null Dihedron. 60-5 = 55, can there be a dihedron with one face and no volume as if half vacuum?

*2.1 - My error was to feel the triangles of the 10hedron as opposite and not rather a decagonal state of things not between like subcells of a polyhedron (the triangles of this unusual symmetric are opposite edges). Thus

*2.1 - The spiraling of them as 5 and 10 fold in DNA (see Peter Rowlands) makes some sense- but in the study of ten tetrahedra in a compound as a symmetric higher dimensional shadow the elucidated structures of the applied algebra matching have deeper significance.

*3 - The cycle alpha,beta,gamma,delta,epsilon of the 10deltahedron in a sense is spiral globally by four ways of density (5 over 2) as if magnetism 2,6,10,14... of electron shells in an atoms so as 10deltrahedra we can imagine electrons as spinning dipoles (of which the quadrapole idea is an intrinsic joint property of total quantum descriptions.)

*4- 11 points for the 18deltahedron (non-existant but can be a loose near approximate strucure in the usual surface sense) collaspe into a symmetry state or can be a description of it as the potential of a broken one while the abstract expressions-motions.

*5- In mammal cells 2 to the 5th or 32 is the beginning of embryonic uniqueness as one organism.

*6- Verbs and Nouns as well as Consonants and Vowels are on opposite sides of the brain as far as linguistic and handedness notions matter for symbolic and material structures.

*7- Imagine a null (but spinning or chiral) Petrie polygon(ie equator of some higher dimensional structure) as a glue or place of interactions as half or double 10deltrahedra.

*8- Over or between null Petrie polygons two 10Dh of the same color matching (ie quasi-contiguity) may be imagined to attract or repel and this may be the reason for the observed ideas of spin.

*10- All things have opposites yet nothing does- the resolution of these notions and mathematical inconsistency is the heart of new ideas for physics and mathematics.

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