Saturday, July 3, 2010

Color Cube Quasic Symmetries

Color Cube Quasic Symmetries

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An interesting article in New Scientist yesterday stated that the elements higher than 50 could not have been formed by supernovas. It was suggested perhaps that the stars colliding could do it. Clearly the quasic idea would aid this as there can be a sort of doubling (as in primitive fission or fusion) of the Z number = 60 and the four space nucleus as the dual of the 120 cell so involved. I quite imagine when we extend these quasic matrix ideas to four space there may be a form of a more or less five dimensional matter (equations of the 5th degree and the icosahedron, see Klein.) In any case as with the complex number field ideas we tend to see only half the mirror of the quason we know as an ideal and even continuous atom.

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