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Firmamental Mechanics & the Physis Code

Firmamental Mechanics & the Physis Code

*1 The volume of an idea "string" of zero thickness and infinite extent can be unity.

*2 The idea of dimension of indefinite number is independent of the particular concept of dimensional measure, generally and existentially. r: = (e:f:)(g:h:) = 2^n(x:).

*3 The notion of a two dimensional grounding ("n-brane") is "elemental" (e:)x: and rays directed as if a continuum erected at each quasic point-region of unity I style "filamental" (f:)x:. Elemental span and filamental depth is a general notion and ground of the firmament(s) (r:)x: [letters have two dots over them and x: is a subscript].

*4 The idea of 2-space time and space dialectics inverse varying is firmamental.

*5 The initial indefinite quasic (pixel) region as an abstract particle(universe), attractive, repulsive, and of gravity in general is firmamental as a concrete state of general cosmological systems.

*6 Possibly, as this is a flash of vision from the morning of June 30th, upon awakening (the second day with a single physics thought) suggests to me a physicality in the perception-reflection that the phemenon of light (energy) itself exists in the span and depth grids involved in the firmamental general structure. In a sense the vacuum is not in vibration but rather a vague and fuzzy idea as to what is vacuum and what is not in the distinctions and evolution of the filaments and elements. This too applies to core ideas at a quasic point of free-will and determinism.

*7 The notions are flanged or physically realized as the cosmic or natural (physis) code teleologically and are reflected in simpler mathematical and mechanical models. In a sense the volume (3D) spaces have a quasi-reversible code reading as the foundational materiality.

* * * And some notes from July 1st :

*8 In a quasi-coherent informationally changing or evolving system empirical evidence is not decisive beyond the breath of local useful information (of which it seems the general cosmological system may not have sufficient information or understanding.

*9 Some particles appearing joined in depth are not so and some appearing separate in the span really are joined. The firmament distinguishes such particles.

*10 At a quasic region (pixel) a particle does not necessarily distinguish the spance or depth of these firmamental quasi n-branes.

*11 There is Pattern (Ptn) and Algorithm (Alg) of words ordered and idiomatic. The quasic teleoscoping of these analogs to potential and kinetic sequences of what procedes and what follows a shift embedded in a systems state of the physis code. These also are philosophies emphasized to explain the foundations. The element or the filament may each act as the others (de)cohering subsystem (say of the color dimensions in the LHC notation with itself a three way teleological reading that will divide some things into three.)

*12 Where there is virtual interchange of the colors as subsystems in the pattern vs the algorithm of counting physis structures the occurence of some coherence of them in a sequence may not completely find the possible codes in the whole compass of the possibilities. Thus while some particles can change generations they may reach a limit of doing so that results in a global systems change or modification. Also the reading of some of these snippet or partial codes may eventually find coherence. In a sense what is determined or free in a useful (informational) system is itself a mechanism that seems non-necessary and quasi-coherent and so firmamentally defined. The idea of jitterbuging or say of quantum flux in particular is an indefinite notion.

*13 The idea for a poem occurred to me based on we look into a mirror (say the reflection on a glass at night and surprisingly someone similar looking through) so decide or not if this is our self image in ourself as pattern that seems to have points of motion in what in the depth appears still or invisible. In this philosophic sense our twining psychologically may achieve a level of abstract symmetry that defines or breaks our states of psychological autism. In abstract systems we may also see how the psychology may be just an ordinal and cardinal elaboration of the body alone as the basis of thought embodied in some people as their image of the physis code and firmamental structure develops. (hopefully to find a greater unification and stability of the system again).

The Poem written July 3, 2010 I add here:

*14 When we eliminate the same two color diagonal axis of the Conway grid we find in the remaining thirty abstract triplets a direction where one color does not change but the others do or we find only one color stays the same jitterbugging each jump in the color or we find disconnected shifts- Also the negative and positive even without the zero diagonal are separate in the sequences. These of course involve the ABCDE FGHIA JKLBF MNCGJ OMKHD bicolors and involve the five fold symmetries of the dodecahedron. So where there is existential movement or change of color there is unity or half alternate coloration. In a great sense there are fixed and moving analogs like lines in still space to the points in this absolute value space of uniform colors. But this is just a part of soon to be familiar generalizations of our physis notions. Humans unlike the machine, are better at color and pattern recognition.

[Note, the illustration above for this article suggest not Santyana's great observation that the achievement of man was the taking of the Euclidean plane and standing it on edge- but rather the ray or steeple up from the six fold flowers of the spherical world and again to the plane of heaven (also perpendicular). Thus there is the People of the Book religious theme as to world structure (at least the Western world) which is essentially Graceo-Judaic in origin.]

* * * Perhaps these notes will help make this thesis a little clearer:

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