Friday, July 9, 2010

On the Quadrature of Dimension

On the Quadrature of Dimension or (General Polyschematics) [Psch] Written this morning before reading today's blogs:

*1 Mass can be thought of as the maximum expansion of a quasic spatial micro-region.

*2 Quasic space and Natural space descriptions may be independent or jointly determine matter as to measure.

*3 The compass of an expanding micro-region (as if the old water drop model of fission and the mass defects) is commensurable with the idea of frequency discretely and of effects of global inertial measures and transformations.

*4 The polyschemic structure (triangular numbers embedded intelligibly in other simplex numbers) is relative in location transitive and over the quasic field.

*5 The fact of 4 axes having 6 possibilities of two at a time (on any level of initial quasic dimensions hence Fermat's recondite quadrature arithmetical property)
implies part of the combination's may establish the 4D axiom of 2 planes intersecting at a point.

*6 Five axes considered globally (and logically dividing space paradoxically into ghostly measureless regions) may indicate the possibility of quasic symmetry breaking as well the global roots as limitation and a connected yet intelligible generalization of such (flanged) structural intersections of spaces as axioms that may be real. Polyschematic shadow vector structures may be a good candidate for an explanation of "dark matter".

*7 Such Psch DM may interact with matter and the topological dense (or not) natural dimensions. In which case barring totally "cloaked" effects, the atomic structure may by a "creation field" evolve to a higher Z number and still not violate energy conservation. The physis of DM coherently at each stage of evolution limits the physics of natural matter. (the idea of flatness and chance is much deeper than inflation cosmology).

*8 The mind will organize, evolve to some ideal, and interpret the bilateral n-dimensional form from the energy states whether it corresponds to such overt concrete physical principles or not (including those of what is considered as physicality in current physics).

*9 The Psch Principle accounts for the wide variety of irregular structures possible that seems ambiguously distributed as matter in the universe mirroring gravity or not just as the dual structure of the electric field intelligibly corresponds to the nuclear charge Z number by default of global position or at a distance.

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