Thursday, July 22, 2010

Particle Physics in Solitaire

Particle Physics in Solitaire

Next day and I have almost too little for a new post: The reference frame has an interesting youtube video on the Higg's mechanism but he whole theory seems somewhat alien to me- I wonder why the author says there can be five such particles? I wonder if this sort of hierarchy problem applying to dimensionless constants with the distinction of the continuous and finite fields such as Rowlands sees fundamental explain 136 and 137 as a correction by Eddington? The comments on the topology of tori by one poster could be asked from a much more intricate viewpoint. So I will ask my it from my one numerological thought of last night:

In the 3+1 to the nth formalism (I agree that the complex quaternions and E8 systems are isomorphic as Rowlands also suggests.) But what of the solitaire games in various spaces, I mean there are 33 of the holes in that game in two space and that divided by three is the 11 orthogonal unfoldings. Now if the 27 dimensions of string theory as degrees of freedom are that important then what of four space. The core orthogon would be 81 such points and thus we add to it 180 partial orthogons that is x 10 of four space which is in a sense flattened unto itself so it does not divide by 3 or 4 but is what it is for the unfoldings of the hypercuble, 180 + 81 = 261 and of course there is hierachy variation of the center point as a source or sourceless field. Such corner solitaire points are in a sense both the bare mass measure and the background of continuous levels of mass as mechanism in quasic space concepts. That infinite groups correspond to finite groups is not a result of physics of particles but a result of the primacy of geometry that is quite independent on how we interpret probability stochastic or not as vague cloudy disembodied structureless fields in our ghost of physicality by just the quantum theory which we are here in the time flow discretely but not in a way that the mass actually organizes our world by consciousness but that for this state of things our consciousness is a fact of experience of these vague geometric models of time flow or complex continuous reversibility.

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