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The Natural Physicality of Hyperdimensions

The Natural Physicality of Hyperdimensions

*1 The unfolding or "deflangelation" of the cubic cells of the hypercube in a background of five-space presumably by duality of subcells intersecting in points has to consider the non-adjacent cubes in pairs...

*1.1 what is constructable with material components in three space structurally corresponds with what may appear so in the mathematical formalism.

*1.2 the matrix as an analog to the Conway matrix extended into higher dimensions does not necessarily correspond to the grid count of cells nor the natural representation. We must keep such dimensional interpretation models in mind to sort them out. In particular in four space (here somewhat more complicated for the physics than in three space) we have not the simple matching of 16 cubes of four axes but the matching into a point of the 24 faces of two space as if there are "hypercolors" composed of two of the bicolor others. This continues to n-spaces.

*1.3 in questions of consistency and the quasic field the issues of logic are needed on that of arithmetic in addition and multiplication as complete- are we asking a logic question of physicality? Perhaps as in quasic space where the addition and multiplication are the same description the space is quasi-consistent in as much as it can freely evolve or not as isolated regions or not, or initial regions or not.

1.4 in extending the interpretation of dimensions in to quasicity and the shadow flagelation analogs to Conway's matrix the filled vacuum idea assumes a certain sense of concreteness as principle- especially if such vacua in some models are not recognized in a quasi-real universe of quasi-thermodynamics.

*2 A fractal mapping of similar sets into a part of itself does not necessarily map congruency of patterns that correspond to scale, although holograms approximate this.

*3 To some extent my hyperdimensional physicality models of continuity can describe physical measure.

*4 This chaoscience theoretic principle politically explains or is a basis for political proposals (or their delay over time) for economic models and independent in expression this guarentees the illogic of incomplete models where they can be completed so are not inconsistent (at new lest beginning at infinity) with physical effects.

*5 In the 8x8 quasic grid the twelve positive tesseron faces are AFGI DKMO QTW& If we center on H as the overall cube they compose.

*6 There are then three physically constructable tesserons of what holds together in three space being 8 of the 24 faces (which btw can be considered in some was as the 24 cell as if a point centered tesseract.) But if we image two of them in three space and one in a time direction then the two in the plane mimic a dialectic of a pure four way spinors quaternionally, that is the third direction is linear in this lower flanged model as two plus one dimension in the 1 3 6 10 15 21 sequence which by the way explains the eight dimensional correspondence to the six dimensional symmetry of the 24 unique names of axes of four things taken three at at time. Eventually the 3 + 1 formalism and its hyper and quasic dimension extensions relate to the quadrature of dimensions holonically as in 4+1 and so on.\

* * *

& Rum Ginny

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