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What in Physics Can We Hold Concrete

What in Physics Can We Hold Concrete
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Just as relativity is an approximation to quantum mechanics (see Rowlands and Whitehead on congruence for this idea). String theory is also and approximation to a deeper theory for deep in the idea of simultaneity is the philosophic issue of what we mean by "similar" (see Russel).

Of the general background of what is the physicality of matter, of Newton, Mach, Einstein, and Leibniz (see Penrose) the later generalization of complete relativity needs to be incorporated into unified theories of physics.

At that point what physicality is itself, especially for questions of observation and measure being matters of empirical evidence of still deeper theories, we are open to paradoxes of what may severally seem as concrete interpretations.

But how far can a method of enquiry by deeper approximations go? Will the limit of a style of physics find an ultimate concrete unity that somehow meets such complete relativism- or is the ever more complex states of applying theory as consistent (thus intelligible) mathematics an open process that we as if Achilles chase the elusive tortoise- or as greyhounds around our mechanical race tracks chase the robot rabbit with Alice's dreams of size down some rabbit hole?

The race around the hippodrome until what is finite closes back or not again in the flatland's of infinity is thus run by horses with blinders on to all but their own yet similar creative styles of physics taking time yet somehow already at the end of discovery.

The Higgs particle and mechanism to me is an idea that stands on shaky ground as ultimate theory when this appears as but approximations to deeper ideas of "monads" be they quasons(of 248 symmetry) or ecotoms (emphasizing the vague will of consciousness in the microworld) or some such idea that makes experience and discreteness of space and time with endless potential and variety- if our universe is to be taken at face value as real and intelligible- an experience ultimately of a universe we find livable.

Humans in enquirey in their time and over time are part of the great conversation and grand speculations with their "peers" in a way that each is the creator and each the audience even in isolation engage in the dialog. The great ideas of time and space and matter poised between the ancient heavenly and earthly views of Plato and Aristotle or their modern descendants, Dirac and Eddington, for me last night seemed similar only in that I found the ideas and the world uniformly bizarre.

The PeSla

By the way I see no problem with the 248 dimensional idea to which if it is string theory then string theory would be an approximation to a little deeper physics of the vacua, just as relativity is an approximation to quantum theory.

In fact it may be the key symmetric structure and more general an idea than a narrow view of the Higgs on whatever dimensions or energy.

If in a sense 2 + 2 = 4 and this is consistent and an ideal in reality I see no reason to doubt what happens when we add these group and dimensional numbers. 240 is the eight dimensional close packing of spheres case. 384 - 248 = 136 and 136 - 16 = 120 to hint as what seems partial truths in the numerology. 136 being Eddingtons number involved in the number of protons in the univese and 384 the rigid rotations and inversions of the hypercube (which by the way 192 was a sacred number to Plato, and 240 to Babylon).

In your post right or wrong in the evaluation I can sense your insight worthy of the insight of Riemann on space and dimension. I truely hope that if there is a particle as comprehensive and simple as the Higgs that these are confirmed as your variety.

As to what is accepted as physical or real I had my doubts last night of all such theories of physics, even what I was early on taught about Einstein and so addressed that today in my blog. But I need a rest from the pace of enquiry.

The Pe Sla

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Pe Sla, Lakota Souix for "Old Baldy" a blank place of gathering in the Badlands skymap of a star gone Nova long ago- I too the ghost of departed quantities...

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