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Genius Splicing: (On the Teleportation of Memes)

Genius Splicing: (On the Teleportation of Memes)

I really have not come prepared for a new or deep posting today, thinking I might find an old mapping of quasic space and applying that representation might be useful in relation to Rowlands interpretation of structures for DNA. Having to spend the morning in the coffee shop I did think about things for a general review or conclusion for the sake of clarity for those who have taken an interest in this blog and may not have the time to sift through thousands of pages other places like the philosophychatforum com . For the serious reader scroll to the bottom for the general ideas the act of reading and posting here has recently inspired for the very heart of algebra and geometry.

So today I find our Lubos and Motl commenting on the newscientist com article on the teleportation of certain information in the DNA. Both have great cases and stances drawn as we are to the frontiers as if some great attractors in our collective reach toward genius. I did not comment on the article for it required subscription even though from the chromosome view I did for relevant new data from So, I am commenting on their spin commentary and not having read the articles themselves. I note also the remark for Yuri as a comment asked for on his submitted article which in addressing his intuition on the H and He ratio certainly contains a view about what is happening in this apparent water on our brains. Our theoretical visions and epiphanies can influence our lives to the very core and only in retrospect might we see our positive journeys or realize our special errors and limitations even over our lifetime.

But I am not sure the politics of such fundamental debate, taken to extremes, is that good for enquiry in these matter of science. My view between the two above is one of an independent stance of which most of us are now in the USA despite the born pregnant running for political office and organization that tends to expand and take over all aspects of a system self looped into how one should enforce on the reality only extending to our ideas of state as a theory of everything such that we impose our analyzes so as to tell grown people how to live and what to do. Such analyzes are easily felt highly contradictory.

This is also a partisanship in the Sacred Geometry wars. Certainly, despite recent good sense to limit the Florine in the water (but where will we put it as it would be a toxic product for the landfills?) Of course some biologists early on had the good sense to ask simple questions like Roslyn did for the structure of DNA "Where is the water?" Or we may state that this city should adopt Dan Winter's idea of curing our water supply with Pyramids for the effects of Organone like energy. After all the emotions we observe in DNA he suggests as the compression of stacked dodecahedra. He feels the influence of something like alien life on the emotional influence emanating from our galactic core. None of this verifiable with the resolution of our instruments- thus for sacred geometry as with the energy levels of our atom smashers some issues of speculation remain open and maybe forever so. But if teleportation is spooky is it not observed as some sort of quantum idea or even classical idea if we see things a certain way? Is the "beam me up Scotty" not a reality which changes and strikes at the heart of induction and deduction such that abduction is the more rational case of things?

* * *

There seems to me too much more to do than for us to defend. Anyway I have long ago seen it pointless to keep any ideas or speculations secret. It occurred to me after finding Jim Stasheff on line (I need to look over his work beyond the titles). I am interested at the dawn of the string revolution in its touching topological theory if (as I recalled of our conversation) my description of quasic space was something he understood in and some way influenced him. That was the first time, with hesitation, that I shared the concepts- it was hard not to do so with his questions and not appear foolish, a dreamer perhaps. But this private consideration of what is after all to be viewed as a positive drama of my path of enquiry rather than impediments and lost opportunities although with qualifications and entitlements, leads me to point out for those future theoreticians who may benefit some of the circumstance of the origin of my quasic view of space (may it survive awhile as science!).

Origins: The quasic idea despite my posting of the Lebesque fractal as a binary scheme of information came from contemplations from the topology of space. It in fact was a clear vision while thinking of the inverse square law, of a way we in the Garringer chess club could make and play four dimensional chess.

In fact, I had proposed this for my science project in my senior year but the wires proved too difficult to soldier and build and too many doubted its value so I declined- I note also this lead to going to library to find where the nodes of such space were which proved to be the quasars after I joined the service giving up my physics as some sort of fantasy after all- until of course their discovery and debate as to their distance became better distributed news.

The quasic space first and foremost was topology of higher dimensional structures to which in assigning binary coordinates the fractal among other things became apparent.
Part of the motive for these coordinates was the confusion in the view of such objects considered as abstract chess piece (matter) motion on the board (field, to make the usual crude analogy). We seem to have this problem today in this consideration of twistor spinor things. In fact nature seems to even when she sorts them out- Lampion: if there is ambiguity of the said beginnings of the universe as to the handedness of things, such ambiguity exists as part of the picture presently too- most likely in matter of pair production between dimensions or quasic surfaces.

Part of the problem of n-dimensional chess is the requirement of two players (and there are other spaces possible for more players- in fact that I write at all today as we would count and so minimize the number of pieces and their functions- is because of a possible discovery of even more abstract motions in a space of which despite the scope of quasics these require a little faith to envision and seem easier to do so in algebra and arithmetic. The two player game of n-chess would require 8x8 + 4n cells. 1024 is the 4 space number of them that seems most logical and obvious it can be played also on a 32x32 two dimensional board.

But this gets me to the hint of a Lampion: At the heart of our topological ground of reality abstractly and damn near indescribable we find the usual rigid laws of that heart of algebra known as the distributive law may be confused and not hold much as first time students confuse the operations of multiplication and addition.

* * *

I must add for it is still part of the stray array of what was on my mind today:

Lampion 01-13-11 Given at least two views of space as fundamental, it may be of great benefit to map both the Hilbert and Lebesque factals into one space.

I begin to see how all this fits into the continuous world as if signal processing and things like "wavelets" that these are useful- especially in our ideas of information comrpession (perhaps space structure compression too)[I wonder if a quasic vision that would make things easier to visulaize would require, say we are not merely speaking seemingly sensible postmodern surrealistic terms, a quasic sorting and diagraming of sentences which has lead me perhaps to write them complexly?]

For there I see the same Pascal symbols involved as well as the fractal like origins up from chaos in the similarity- values that may be recovered even as whole ratios provided our mix of frequency transmission and the like stays close to the entropy.

Actually, I find that a most beautiful world to I wish I had time to explore from the foundations- how very wide is the beach of our grains of sand we stand upon for mathematics.

Of course life begins by the ponds and shores and tidal pools- to which inland there are great deserts and so too less of life found at places inaccessible in the distant sea. I hope some of you have enjoyed this endless walk with me.

* * *

Now that my thoughts have settled down a bit, getting out the diverse connections from this current experiment- and thinking it may have been better to post new and clearly visions of at the least the 4D chess board for reference for those that may be interested- after all it essentially is an inverted space of sorts, gazing into a fractal like idea of hypercubes in hypercubles in hypercubes and the like, I realized that even before the topological vision of the space there were other epistemological conditions necessary to reach such a vision that seems so out there from the current understandings at the time. In fact, such a vision at one time made it very hard for me to see the classical view and so failed high school physics until the last semester when I got A+ for the quantum stuff to average out D-, pass.

Not that I am looking for efficient causes behind the efficient causes- say the grueling mental state of the film lecturer who sometimes inspired other times forced me into a deep sleep. Thoughts on the nature of the background of the world to influence how we see other things. Yet, there are some basic things to know before such visions awaken- some stray idea like playing 4D chess over a series of boards as if we did so in the flow of time as if the 4D was indeed time the fourth dimension. (fairy chess hmmmm... well, unless it is worked out and understood it must seem a little whacky if not negatively metaphysical).

One such thing, other than my recent realization that even a few numbers that we all more or less imagine as among the most solid of truths and systems, arithmetic- that is when we underestimate counting as important- or overestimate it even- is that the extension of the Pascal analogs last night I found rather daunting and disorientating as to not only what was there nearby but how much more by simple mathematical deduction might be. And no unifying placebo or medicine even considered in sight. Yet before the space had a topological origin (and it can be argued we are after all products of our times for the agenda of issues to explore, memes and so on, population, wealth, thresholds in the body of learning) that Lampion: There are certain ways to organize or imagine we organize our mind that reorients,retracts, or expands our personality(by perhaps prayer,drugs, love or meditation or Athenation which is my term for certain more dynamic global mental exercises, and I do not mean something like hypnosis- all of this definitely somewhat a reality of ESP issues we all should admit we seem to experience) which changes us at the core, a balance or unbalancing of our extraordinary changes such a unity of our bilateral minds can induce awhile to our sense of identity much as one thinks electro-shock jumbles the memory until it precipitates back, but not mere electromechanics. But this issue of identity and it over time and the surpassing of such a self centered issue is still a matter of philosophy.

* * *

The awakening to wider generalizations even beyond n-ality is like walking out at high tide while not seeing the bottom clearly and after but a few steps in the lower dimensions of number theory falling off from a continental shelf.

[I was going to post the Pascal stuff but it kept messing up the calculator application on this computer- I will try at home and maybe post tomorrow.]

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